Advanced Surveying (ASU)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   Which of following is not a process of temporary adjustment? a) Elimination of Parallax b) Adjustment of the horizontal plate level c) Leveling
    (A)   Only a
    (B)   a and b
    (C)   a, b and c
    (D)   Only b

2   If the latitude of a line is negative then, line is declined towards
    (A)   Northwards
    (B)   Southwards
    (C)   Westwards
    (D)   Eastwards

3   If for a closed traverse, the algebraic sum of latitude is -1.2 and for departure, it is-3.28, then closing error of this traverse lies in
    (A)   First Quadrant
    (C)   Second Quadrant
    (D)   Third Quadrant
    (B)   Fourth Quadrant

4   For a closed traverse having seven survey lines, the sum of interior angles will be —.
    (A)   900 degree
    (B)   540 degree
    (C)   360 degree
    (D)   1250 degree

5   In theodolite, the upper triangular plate carrying three foot screws at its ends is known as—.
    (A)   Trivet
    (B)   Tribach
    (C)   Leveling Head
    (D)   None of the above

6   What is latitude of a line AB aligned to north direction having length of 123 m?
    (A)   123 m
    (B)   3 m
    (C)   – 12.3 m
    (D)   23 m

7   The Departure of a line AB having length 120 m and aligned in North direction is——
    (A)   120 m
    (B)   1 m
    (C)   Zero
    (D)   12 m

8   Which of the following cannot be done with the help of theodolite in surveying?
    (A)   Laying of horizontal angles
    (B)   Location points on lines
    (C)   Prolonging survey lines
    (D)   Measuring horizontal distances

9   Which of the following theodolite based on movement of telescope on horizontal axis in vertical plan through?
    (A)   Non – transit
    (B)   Transit
    (C)   A and B
    (D)   None of the above

10   Which of the following can be done with the help of non-transit theodolite?
    (A)   Back – sighting
    (B)   Face left to face right
    (C)   Transiting
    (D)   None of the above

11   The vertical circle is a circular graduated arc attached to the ______ axis of the telescope.
    (A)   Vertical Axis
    (B)   Outer Axis
    (C)   Trunnion Axis
    (D)   Line of Sight

12   Least count on main scale in vernier theodolite is ______
    (A)   20′
    (B)   20″
    (C)   10″
    (D)   0″

13   Which axis is known as when theodolite is rotated in a horizontal plane?
    (A)   Horizontal
    (C)   Vertical
    (D)   Axis of bubble
    (B)   Trunnion

14   Which line is passing through the intersection of the cross hair of the diaphragm and the optical center of the objective?
    (A)   Line of axis
    (B)   Vertical axis
    (C)   Axis of bubble
    (D)   None of the above

15   What is said to when survey line makes angle with the prolongation of the preceding line?
    (A)   Horizontal angle
    (B)   Vertical angle
    (C)   Deflection angle
    (D)   Point of intersection

16   Which is the following rule is used for balance the traverse when the angular measurements are most precise than the linear measurements
    (A)   Bowditch rule
    (B)   Transit rule
    (C)   Both A and B
    (D)   None of the above

17   Calculate length and bearing of line, if it has latitude and departure -50m.
    (A)   A 70.72 and S 45° E
    (B)   B 70.72 and S 45° W
    (C)   C 70.72 and 225
    (D)   D .Both B and C

18   If Independent coordinate of point A and B are (60, 70) and (70, 60) respectively, calculate latitude and departure.
    (A)   L = -10, D = -10
    (B)   L = -10, D = +10
    (C)   L = 10(S), D= 10(E)
    (D)   Both B and C

19   Which of the following plane table survey method is useful only when the whole traverse can be commanded from a single station?
    (A)   Radiation
    (B)   Traversing
    (C)   Resection
    (D)   Intersection

20   Which of the following plane table survey method is useful where it is not possible to measure the distances on ground?
    (A)   Radiation
    (B)   Traversing
    (C)   Resection
    (D)   Intersection

21   Which of the below is not an advantage of plane table survey?
    (A)   Used for accurate works
    (B)   Less costly
    (C)   Field book is not required
    (D)   Rapid method

22   What is the edge of the alidade used for drawing?
    (A)   Fiducial Edge
    (B)   Line of sight
    (C)   Survey Line
    (D)   None of the above

23   Which of the following disadvantages of plane table survey?
    (A)   It is not suitable in monsoon
    (C)   It is essentially a tropical instrument
    (D)   It is inconvenient to transport
    (B)   All of the above

24   Plane Tabling is _________________ method of surveying
    (A)   Analytical
    (B)   Mathematical
    (C)   Graphical
    (D)   None of the above

25   The principle of plane table surveying is based on—–
    (A)   Trigonometry
    (B)   Similarity
    (C)   Contouring
    (D)   Parallelism

26   If latitude of AB line is 40.96m and length is 50m then what will be bearing of line AB
    (A)   35 degree
    (B)   45 degree
    (C)   0 degree
    (D)   55 degree

27   The transit theodolite are also called plain theodolite.
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

28   Which of the below is used for leveling a plane table?
    (A)   Plumb bob
    (B)   Spirit level
    (C)   Compass
    (D)   U frame

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