Consumer Electronics(CEL)

Multiple Choice Questions

1   Microphone is a transducer which converts
    (A)   Electrical Energy into Sound energy
    (B)   Sound Energy into electrical Energy
    (C)   Pressure into sound Energy
    (D)   Sound energy into mechanical Energy

2   Which of the following is not part of Public Address (PA) system
    (A)   Microphone
    (B)   Loud Speaker
    (C)   Amplifier
    (D)   Sound Synthesizer

3   Which of the following speaker reproduces high frequency signal
    (A)   Woofer
    (B)   Tweeter
    (C)   Squawker
    (D)   Horn type

4   In stereophonic sound system there are
    (A)   Only one amplifier
    (B)   At least two amplifiers
    (C)   Doesn’t need amplifier
    (D)   None of the above

5   Which of the following is the important unit of Hi-Fi Stereo system
    (A)   Equalizer
    (B)   Amplifier
    (C)   Pre-Amplifier
    (D)   All the above

6   Range of Audio frequency is
    (A)   20Hz to 20KHz
    (B)   20Hz to 20MHz
    (C)   300Hz to 3.5KHz
    (D)   20Hz to 2KHz

7   Fidelity of audio system is
    (A)   Faithful reproduction of Audio Frequency
    (B)   Faithful reproduction of Noise
    (C)   Faithful reproduction of High frequency signal only
    (D)   Faithful reproduction of Low frequency signal only

8   Long form of DVD is
    (A)   Digital variable Disc
    (B)   Digital Versatile Disc
    (C)   Data Versatility Disc
    (D)   Digital Volatile Disc

9   What are the different motors used in CD player
    (A)   Spindle Motor
    (B)   Tray Motor
    (C)   Feed Motor
    (D)   All the above

10   In order to read data from CD surface which of the following is used
    (A)   LASER diode Assembly
    (B)   D to A Converter
    (C)   Digital Filter
    (D)   A to D Converter

11   Which of the following lens is not used in CD pick up assembly
    (A)   Objective lens
    (B)   Collimation lens
    (C)   Concave lens
    (D)   Convex lens

12   Role of Cross over network in Audio system is
    (A)   Divide Radio signal into multiple frequency band
    (B)   Divide audio signal into multiple frequency band
    (C)   Separate carrier signal from modulated signal
    (D)   Enhance the strength of High frequency signal

13   Dolby Noise Reduction system
    (A)   Decreases Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio
    (B)   Doesn’t affect Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio
    (C)   Increases Signal power
    (D)   Increases Signal/ Noise (S/N) ratio

14   Standard Compact Disc (CD) has diameter of
    (A)   120 mm
    (B)   140 mm
    (C)   220mm
    (D)   210 mm

15   Meaning of FF key on Remote control of CD player is
    (A)   Find File
    (B)   First File
    (C)   Fast Forward
    (D)   Front Face

16   Long form of CD is
    (A)   Compact Disc
    (B)   Complex Disc
    (C)   Complementary Disc
    (D)   Classic Disc

17   Important Component of Hi-Fi system is
    (A)   Equalizer
    (B)   Matching Network
    (C)   Amplifier
    (D)   All the Above

18   Loud speaker converts
    (A)   Electrical signal into Sound
    (B)   Sound into Electrical signal
    (C)   Electronic signal into mechanical signal
    (D)   None of the above

19   Range of voice frequency is
    (A)   3Hz to 3.5 kHz
    (B)   300Hz to 3.5 kHz
    (C)   20 Hz to 20 kHz
    (D)   10 Hz to 10 kHz

20   Fidelity of Audio system is
    (A)   Degree of Faithfulness
    (B)   Noise in audio signal
    (C)   Quality of signal
    (D)   Input of audio system

21   Photo diode array in CD player assembly does
    (A)   Conversion of light into electrical signal
    (B)   Conversion electric signal into light
    (C)   Conversion of photovoltaic signal into sound signal
    (D)   Conversion of normal light into ultraviolet light

22   In Hi-Fi audio system, S/N ratio is
    (A)   Very High
    (B)   Very Low
    (C)   Moderate
    (D)   Zero

23   Preamplifier converts
    (A)   Weak signal into considerably strong signal
    (B)   Strong signal into weak signal
    (C)   Amplifies selected frequency
    (D)   Rejects selected frequency

24   Long form of Hi-Fi in Hi-Fi audio system is
    (A)   High Fidelity
    (B)   Highest Field
    (C)   High Frequency
    (D)   Higher Field

25   Function of Tweeter loud speaker is to play
    (A)   High Frequency
    (B)   Low frequency
    (C)   Mid Frequency
    (D)   All frequency

26   CCD converts light signal into
    (A)   Electric current
    (B)   Electric charge
    (C)   Electric voltage
    (D)   Frequency

27   Dolby Noise Reduction system
    (A)   Decreases Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio
    (B)   Doesn’t affect Signal/Noise (S/N) ratio
    (C)   Increases Signal power
    (D)   Increases Signal/ Noise (S/N) ratio

28   Standard Compact Disc (CD) has diameter of
    (A)   120 mm
    (B)   140 mm
    (C)   220mm
    (D)   210 mm

29   Aspect ratio for conventional Television (TV) system
    (A)   3:04
    (B)   4:06
    (C)   4:03
    (D)   5:03

30   Which of the following is not a scanning technique
    (A)   Sequential Scanning
    (B)   Interlaced Scanning
    (C)   Sectional Scanning
    (D)   None of the above

31   Number of scanning lines in conventional Television system is
    (A)   625
    (B)   615
    (C)   665
    (D)   645

32   What are the primary colors in color Television
    (A)   Red. Violet, Yellow
    (B)   Red, Green, Blue
    (C)   Red, Purple, Magenta
    (D)   Red, White, Black

33   What are the Secondary colors in Color Television
    (A)   Red, Green, Blue
    (B)   Red. Violet, Yellow
    (C)   Red, White, Black
    (D)   Yellow, Magenta, Cyan

34   Modulation Technique used for Transmission of video signal in Television
    (A)   Vestigial Side Band Modulation
    (B)   Single Side Band Modulation
    (C)   Double Side Band Modulation
    (D)   Single Side band Suppressed Carrier

35   Long form of CCD is
    (A)   Charge Carrier Density
    (B)   Charged Coupled Device
    (C)   Charge Collecting Device
    (D)   Cathode Coupled Device

36   Role of multiplexer in Television is
    (A)   Selection of Desired channel frequency
    (B)   For connecting Television with satellite
    (C)   For Connecting Antenna Cable with Television
    (D)   None of the above

37   Transmission standard used in HDTV is
    (A)   MUSE system
    (B)   PAL system
    (C)   NTSC system
    (D)   SECAM system

38   The main function of electron gun in a cathode-ray tube is to —- electrons.
    (A)   Deflect
    (B)   Produce
    (C)   Size
    (D)   Aspect

39   In a CRT, focusing of electron beam is achieved by varying
    (A)   Grid bias
    (B)   Heater voltage
    (C)   Voltage of first accelerating anode
    (D)   Secondary accelerating voltage

40   Microwave oven should not be used for cooking
    (A)   Nonfood items
    (B)   Tea
    (C)   Coffee
    (D)   Food items

41   Types of washing machines are
    (A)   Semi-automatic
    (B)   Fully Automatic
    (C)   Top load or front load
    (D)   All the above

42   The number of frames per second in our TV system is
    (A)   50
    (B)   24
    (C)   25
    (D)   49

43   The best viewing distance for a TV picture is ____ times the picture height
    (A)   2 to 4.
    (B)   4 to 8
    (C)   8 to 10
    (D)   10 to12

44   Camcorder is used to record
    (A)   Audio signal
    (B)   Video signal
    (C)   Both Audio and video signal
    (D)   None of the above

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