Computer Networking and Data Communication (CND)

Multiple Choice Questions

1   Which of the following is not a hardware?
    (A)   Network Switch
    (B)   Cisco Router
    (C)   Assembler
    (D)   Printer

2   CPU of computer is powered by
    (A)   DC battery
    (B)   AC power supply
    (C)   SMPS
    (D)   Variable DC voltage

3   Which of the following is known as the brain of a computer?
    (A)   Monitor
    (B)   CPU
    (C)   Keyboard
    (D)   ROM

4   What is the full form of IP?
    (A)   Internet protocol
    (B)   Immediate protocol
    (C)   Internet processing
    (D)   Immediate processing

5   Which of the following is an output device?
    (A)   Scanner
    (B)   Joystick
    (C)   Speaker
    (D)   Touchpad

6   LCD stands for?
    (A)   Liquid crystal Display
    (B)   Laser Crystal Display
    (C)   Light Crystal Display
    (D)   None of these

7   Which of the following is used between CPU and RAM to speed up the processing power of a CPU?
    (A)   Virtual Memory
    (B)   Cache Memory
    (C)   DRAM
    (D)   Flash Memory

8   Which of the following is an input device?
    (A)   Printer
    (B)   Display
    (C)   Speaker
    (D)   Scanner

9   ___________Printer is cheapest in terms of price and operating cost
    (A)   Inkjet Printer
    (B)   Thermal Printer
    (C)   LASER Printer
    (D)   Dot Matrix Printer.

10   Long form of SMPS is
    (A)   Switch Mode Power Supply
    (B)   Switch Matrix power source
    (C)   Source Mode Power Supply
    (D)   Service Mode Power Supply

11   Static UPS requires __________
    (A)   only rectifier
    (B)   only inverter
    (C)   both inverter and rectifier
    (D)   none of the mentioned

12   Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths that a computer can read is –
    (A)   ASCII Code
    (B)   EBDIC Code
    (C)   BAR Code
    (D)   ISCII Code

13   What is the full form of USB?
    (A)   Universal Secured Box
    (B)   Universal Serial Bus
    (C)   Universal Security Block
    (D)   None of the above

14   The ________ of a system includes the program or instructions
    (A)   software
    (B)   hardware
    (C)   icon
    (D)   Information

15   Primary difference between virus and worm is
    (A)   Worms harmful whereas virus not
    (B)   Worms replicate itself whereas virus not
    (C)   Virus replicate itself worms not
    (D)   Virus harmful whereas worms not

16   Which of the following can be used for long distance communication?
    (A)   I2C
    (B)   Parallel port
    (C)   SPI
    (D)   RS232

17   Which of the following is a serial protocol?
    (A)   SPI
    (B)   I2C
    (C)   USB
    (D)   All the above

18   Which peripheral port provides the FASTEST throughput to laser printers?
    (A)   SCSI
    (B)   RS-232
    (C)   Parallel
    (D)   Serial

19   From what location are the 1st computer instructions available on boot up?
    (A)   ROM BIOS
    (B)   CPU
    (C)   Boot loader
    (D)   CONFIG.SYS

20   RS 232 standard applies to
    (A)   Serial Port
    (B)   Parallel Port
    (C)   Game Port
    (D)   Network

21   How can you totally protect a PC from damage during an electrical storm?
    (A)   Disconnect the AC power cable
    (B)   Disconnect all external cables and power cords
    (C)   Use a surge protector
    (D)   Turn off the AC power

22   _________ is the largest computer.
    (A)   Mini Computer
    (B)   Micro Computer
    (C)   Mainframe Computer
    (D)   Super Computer

23   OCR stands for____________?
    (A)   Output Character Recorder
    (B)   Output Character Recognition
    (C)   Optical Character Recorder
    (D)   Optical Character Recognition

24   In peer-to-peer networking:
    (A)   There is only one server and many clients
    (B)   There is only one client and many servers
    (C)   Every computer is capable of playing the role of server
    (D)   Every computer is capable of playing the role of client, server or both at the same time

25   Which of the following transport layer protocols is used to support electronic mail?
    (A)   SMTP
    (B)   IP
    (C)   TCP
    (D)   UDP

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