Concrete Technology (CTE)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   What is the average particle size of cement?
    (A)   15 micron
    (B)   45 micron
    (C)   75 micron
    (D)   100 micron

2   Which of the following is the cement manufacturing process?
    (A)   Dry Process
    (B)   Wet process
    (C)   Composite process
    (D)   Both dry and wet process

3   Cement used for mass concreting is
    (A)   Rapid hardening cement
    (C)   Quick setting cement
    (D)   Low heat cement
    (B)   None of the above

4   Bogue’s compound is
    (A)   Tricalcium Silicate
    (B)   Tetra calcium alumino ferrite
    (C)   Dicalcium silicate
    (D)   All the above

5   _______ %water required for fill gel pores of cement
    (A)   15
    (B)   38
    (C)   23
    (D)   40

6   Which IS sieve is used for determine fineness of cement by sieve analysis
    (A)   900 micron
    (B)   Sieve no. 9
    (C)   90micron
    (D)   B and C

7   28 days compressive strength of 53 grade of cement is
    (A)   33N/mm2
    (B)   16N/mm2
    (C)   53N/mm2
    (D)   28N/mm2

8   Specific gravity of aggregate is between
    (A)   2.9-3
    (B)   2.6-2.8
    (C)   1.2-1.6
    (D)   0-0.7

9   If all the sizes of the aggregate range are present in appreciable proportion it is called
    (A)   Uniformly graded aggregate
    (B)   Well graded aggregate
    (C)   Poorly graded aggregate
    (D)   Gap graded aggregate

10   Fineness modulus of coarse aggregate is
    (A)   2.2-2.6
    (B)   2.9-3.2
    (C)   2.1-2.5
    (D)   2.1-2.4

11   1 micron is
    (A)   100 mm
    (B)   0.1mm
    (C)   0.001mm
    (D)   0.01mm

12   How many percentage of allowance are required for bulking of sand
    (A)   20%
    (B)   10%
    (C)   3%
    (D)   5%

13   Apparatus used for determination of abrasion value is
    (A)   Impact test apparatus
    (C)   Compression testing machine
    (D)   Los Angeles abrasion machine
    (B)   Length gauge

14   _______ index is the% by weight of particles whose greatest dimension (length) is greater than 1.8 times their mean dimension
    (A)   Flakiness
    (B)   Sub-granular
    (C)   Elongation
    (D)   None of the above

15   High strength grade of concrete is
    (A)   M50
    (B)   M45
    (C)   M55
    (D)   All the above

16   For casting cubes in the laboratory 12.5kg cement is required, if water/cement ratio is of 0.41. Calculate quantity of water
    (A)   4.11 lit.
    (B)   5.125 lit.
    (C)   6.20 lit.
    (D)   2 lit.

17   Slump cone test is used for determination of
    (A)   Soundness
    (B)   Compression
    (C)   Workability
    (D)   Durability

18   Separation of constituent materials of concrete is called
    (A)   Bleeding
    (B)   Creep
    (C)   Durability
    (D)   Segregation

19   Which is not a property of fresh concrete?
    (A)   Creep
    (B)   Segregation
    (C)   Bleeding
    (D)   Workability

20   Which is a property of hard concrete?
    (A)   Segregation
    (B)   Creep
    (C)   Shrinkage
    (D)   Creep and shrinkage

21   Fineness modulus is the
    (A)   Summation of cumulative% passing/ 100
    (B)   Summation of cumulative% retained/100
    (C)   Summation of cumulative% passing ×100
    (D)   Summation of cumulative% retained × 100

22   Duff-Abrahm’s law states that
    (A)   The strength of cement depends on material use in which
    (B)   The strength of concrete is dependent upon water cement ratio provided, that all the factors are different and the mix is not workable
    (C)   The strength of concrete is only dependent upon water/cement ratio provided, that all the factors are identical and the mix is workable
    (D)   None of the above

23   If the frustum breaks and half part slides down, it is called
    (A)   True slump
    (C)   Shear slump
    (D)   Collapse slump
    (B)   Infinite slump

24   Ratio of weight of partially compacted concrete to the weight of fully compacted concrete is
    (A)   Slump value
    (B)   Collapse value
    (C)   Compaction factor
    (D)   Slump factor

25   Aggregate are Classified according to size are
    (A)   Coarse aggregate
    (B)   Fine aggregate
    (C)   Fine and coarse aggregate
    (D)   Small aggregate

26   What is the initial setting time of ordinary Portland cement?
    (A)   15 min.
    (B)   30 min.
    (C)   1min.
    (D)   10 hours

27   If the frustum just settle down, is called
    (A)   Shear slump
    (B)   Collapse slump
    (C)   True slump
    (D)   All the above

28   Following are requirements of good aggregate
    (A)   It must be hard
    (B)   It must be more porosity
    (C)   It must be strong
    (D)   It must be hard, strong, and durable

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