Design of Steel and RCC structures (DSR)




1   The full form of fck is
    (A)   Characteristics strength of steel
    (B)   Characteristics strength of concrete
    (C)   Characteristics strength of collapse
    (D)   Characteristics strength of flexure

2   The partial safety factor for steel.
    (A)   1.25
    (B)   1.15
    (C)   1.5
    (D)   2

3   Limit state of strength is limited to
    (A)   Deflection
    (C)   Plastic collapse
    (D)   Durability
    (B)   Vibration

4   The code used for design of live load is.
    (A)   Is-800 part I
    (B)   Is-1987 part II
    (C)   Is-1987 part III
    (D)   Is-800 part II

5   Full form of ISWB
    (A)   Indian standard medium weight beam
    (B)   Indian standard wide flange beam
    (C)   Indian stander flange wide beam
    (D)   Indian stander wide channel beam

6   Failure of bolt in case of shear is
    (A)   Single shear
    (B)   Shear tear out plate
    (C)   Bearing failure of bolt
    (D)   Both single shear and shear tear out plate

7   In case of gauge distance we have to consider
    (A)   Distance between two adjacent bolts in zig zag manner
    (B)   Distance between adjacent parallel lines perpendicular to the direction of load
    (C)   Distance between adjacent perpendicular lines parallels to direction of load
    (D)   None of above

8   The value of minimum pitch (d= diameter of bolt)
    (A)   2d
    (B)   3d
    (C)   2.5d
    (D)   1.5d

9   Calculate the value of single shear when bolt value in 20mm diameter connecting 10mm plates bolt are used 4.6 grade plates 410 grade area of bolt=245mm^2
    (A)   82KN
    (B)   50KN
    (C)   45.26KN
    (D)   35.37KN

10   Calculate the value of pitch if the bolt of 20 mm diameter
    (A)   20mm
    (B)   30mm
    (C)   40mm
    (D)   50mm

11   Find numbers of bolts required if factor load for design bolt section is 80KN and value of design shear strength is 28.97KN.
    (A)   6
    (B)   4
    (C)   3
    (D)   2

12   In case of lap joint for a plate size 180x10mm connected by means 20mmdiameter bolt of grade 4.6 all bolts are in one line calculate numbers of bolts if bolt value is 45.260KN.
    (A)   6
    (B)   11
    (C)   8
    (D)   10

13   Find the size of fillet weld if size of weld is 6mm.
    (A)   4mm
    (C)   4.2mm
    (D)   6mm
    (B)   5mm

14   Find the strength of welded connection if size of plate is 80x8mm.
    (A)   145.45KN
    (B)   150KN
    (C)   70KN
    (D)   90KN

15   What is maximum size of weld if angle section is used? (t=Thickness of angle section)
    (A)   (4/3) x t
    (B)   (3/4) x t
    (C)   2t
    (D)   5t

16   The value of £su for M20 concrete and Fe 415 steel. (£su= strain in concrete)
    (A)   0.00308
    (B)   0.0038
    (C)   0.0047
    (D)   0.53

17   State limiting value of depth of neutral axis for Fe 500 steel. (d=effective depth of section)
    (A)   0.53d
    (B)   0.48d
    (C)   0.46d
    (D)   0.42d

18   State the limiting value of percentage of steel for Fe25Option
    (A)   0.088fck
    (B)   0.048fck
    (C)   0.038fck
    (D)   0.0380fck

19   in case of over reinforced section
    (A)   Strain in steel reached first
    (B)   Strain in concrete reached first
    (C)   Both strain reached together
    (D)   All of above

20   Calculate value of moment of resistance for singly reinforced beam of size450mmx560mm effective with tensile reinforcement 4 bars of 20mm in diameter. Use M20 and Fe 25Option
    (A)   152.34 KN.m
    (B)   143.37 KN.m
    (C)   172.43KN.m
    (D)   143.37KN/m

21   Find limiting value of moment if size of beam is 230mmx450mm. Grade of steel is Fe500 and concrete is used is M20.
    (A)   130.24KN.m
    (B)   120.27KN.m
    (C)   140.25KN.m
    (D)   123.89KN.m

22   Calculate area of tension steel if size of beam is 200x450mm. Ultimate moment is 150KN.m Assumed M30 and Fe 415 steel.
    (A)   1115mm^2
    (B)   1200mm^2
    (C)   1220mm^2
    (D)   1230mm^2

23   In under reinforced singly beam concrete crushed at its maximum strain at
    (A)   0.35%
    (C)   0.45%
    (D)   0.25%
    (B)   0.20%

24   For designing a reinforced concrete section
    (A)   Loading of beam is known
    (B)   Span of beam is known
    (C)   Grade of steel and concrete is known
    (D)   All of above required

25   A reinforced concrete beam subjected monotonously increasing load may fail at.
    (A)   Uncracked concrete stage
    (B)   Cracked concrete stage
    (C)   Ultimate strength stage
    (D)   At all the above stage

26   In singly reinforced simply supported beam, the reinforced steel bars are placed.
    (A)   Near bottom of beam
    (B)   Near top of beam
    (C)   At neutral axis of beam
    (D)   Anywhere in the cross section of the beam section

27   In singly reinforced cantilever beam, the reinforced steel bars are placed.
    (A)   Near bottom of beam
    (B)   Near top of beam
    (C)   At neutral axis of beam
    (D)   Anywhere in the cross section of the beam section

28   In reinforced concrete design of singly reinforced beam at the cracked stage
    (A)   All the concrete on tension side cracked
    (B)   Perfect bond between steel and concrete exist
    (C)   Strain in steel and concrete are equal
    (D)   All of above

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