Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering

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Chapter 1: Recent Trend in Automobile Industry


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1   The fuel efficiency of Mild hybrids vehicle is more as compared to conventional hybrid systems by ______ %?
    (A)   10- 15%
    (B)   7-15%
    (C)   3-15%
    (D)   1-15%

2   Which voltage is likely to be available from the battery of an electric vehicle also known as Mild hybrid?
    (A)   12V
    (B)   24V
    (C)   300V
    (D)   100V

3   The MHEV system consists of which volt?
    (A)   12V
    (B)   24V
    (C)   48V
    (D)   None of the above.

4   World’s first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid automobile was the Toyota Prius. It became available on the Japanese market in what year?
    (A)   1998
    (B)   1996
    (C)   1997
    (D)   1999

5   Hybrid vehicles convert energy that is normally lost through braking into electrical energy. What is the term that is used for this recycling of energy?
    (A)   Perpetual motion
    (B)   Regenerative breaking
    (C)   Kinetic conversation
    (D)   Hybrid archamy

6   First mass produced hybrid vehicle internationally is…………………
    (A)   Tesla model X.
    (B)   Mahindra e2o.
    (C)   Toyota Prius.
    (D)   Ford GT.

7   The first vehicle with hybrid technology was developed by……..
    (A)   Ferdinand Porsche.
    (B)   Thomas Edison.
    (C)   Isaac Newton.
    (D)   Alexander Graham Bell.

8   Which of the following is not an advantage of hybrid vehicles?
    (A)   Environmentally friendly.
    (B)   Initial cost is low.
    (C)   Better mileage.
    (D)   Higher energy conservation.

9   Which of the following is not a disadvantage of hybrid vehicles?
    (A)   You will not get as many discounts or incentives as you will get with electric vehicles.
    (B)   They aren’t as powerful.
    (C)   Lower mileage and higher emissions.
    (D)   They are not exempted from tax.

10   Which of the following is not the type of hybrid vehicle?
    (A)   Plug in hybrid
    (B)   Parallel hybrid
    (C)   Natural gas for vehicle
    (D)   Series hybrid

11   Regenerative braking involves:
    (A)   Nano fibers that repair the surface of brake pads
    (B)   Reducing the amount of friction
    (C)   Reclaiming heat from the brake and using it for power
    (D)   All of the above

12   What purpose does a generator serve in a hybrid vehicle?
    (A)   It converts nuclear energy 6more nuclear energy.
    (B)   It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
    (C)   It converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
    (D)   It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

13   ______ technology helps to stop a combustion engine when the vehicle pulls to a stop and restart it when driver accelerates.
    (A)   Start stop technology
    (B)   Passive braking technology
    (C)   Regenerative braking technology
    (D)   Internal cooling technology

14   _______ what does MHEV stands for
    (A)   Mild hybrid electric vehicle
    (B)   Micro hybrid electric vehicle
    (C)   Mild horsepower electric vehicle
    (D)   Micro horsepower electric vehicle

15   The electric motor in hybrid car can also act as_____
    (A)   A generator
    (B)   A Fuel pump
    (C)   Cooling fan
    (D)   Compressor

16   The full form of the BAHV’s.
    (A)   Battery assisted hybrid vehicle.
    (B)   Battery proxy hybrid vehicle.
    (C)   Battery assist hydro vehicle.
    (D)   None of the above.

17   The BAS mild hybrid system used………. to start the internal combustion engine.
    (A)   Belt drive
    (B)   Chain drive
    (C)   Direct drive
    (D)   None of the above.

18   The electric motor in a mild hybrid is acting as a
    (A)   Power booster
    (B)   Hydro boost
    (C)   Buffalo power booster
    (D)   Booster plug

19   In vehicle energy is stored in an auxiliary battery and then it is used to quickly start a vehicle
    (A)   Full hybrid
    (B)   Micro hybrid
    (C)   Series hybrid
    (D)   Mild hybrid

20   In which vehicle system lowest size of a battery is used
    (A)   Micro hybrid
    (B)   Mild hybrid
    (C)   Series hybrid
    (D)   Parallel hybrid

21   Following is not type of hybrid electric vehicle.
    (A)   Series
    (B)   Parallel
    (C)   Vertical
    (D)   Complex

22   In parallel hybrid vehicle Internal Combustion Engine and electric motor are coupled by a ——device.
    (A)   Hydraulic
    (B)   Pneumatic
    (C)   Mechanical
    (D)   Electric

23   The combustion engine can operate in ……….. RPM range, even as a car change a speed.
    (A)   Moderate
    (B)   Wide
    (C)   Narrow
    (D)   None of the above

24   In this configuration, efforts are made to operate the electric motor alone at—— and ICE alone at……………….
    (A)   Medium speed and lower speed.
    (B)   Higher speed and lower speed
    (C)   Higher speed and medium speed
    (D)   Lower speed and higher speed

25   Full form of CVT
    (A)   Continuously variation transform
    (B)   Continue various transmission
    (C)   Continuously various transformation
    (D)   Continuously variable transmission

26   Full form of ICE
    (A)   Internal continuous engine
    (B)   Internal combination engine
    (C)   Internal continue emission
    (D)   None of the above

27   Full form of PEM in fuel cell
    (A)   petrol-exchange membrane
    (B)   Proton-execute membrane
    (C)   proton-exchange membrane
    (D)   Petrol-execute membrane

28   Which vehicles do not require the same level of battery power and do not achieve the same levels of fuel economy
    (A)   Mild Hybrid
    (B)   Full Hybrid
    (C)   Series Hybrid
    (D)   Parallel Hybrid

29   What does PHEV stands for?
    (A)   Plug-in Hybrid Electronic Vehicles
    (B)   Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    (C)   Plug-out Hybrid Electronic Vehicles
    (D)   Plug-out Hybrid Electric Vehicles

30   Which of these is the purpose of power-split device?
    (A)   To split Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy.
    (B)   To allow both the engine and Electric motor to propel the vehicle
    (C)   To recharge the battery while braking
    (D)   To recharge the brakes while driving

31   A Hybrid Vehicle equipped with push button start will enter the power ON mode but will not enter the ready to drive mode .No diagnostic trouble code are stored this could cause by
    (A)   The high voltage safety plug is removed
    (B)   A failed brake on/off switch
    (C)   An empty fuel tank
    (D)   A disconnect 12v battery

32   The MIL is illuminated and a battery module deterioration diagnostic trouble code is stored the most like cause is a failed by
    (A)   High voltage battery
    (B)   High voltage inverter
    (C)   Motor/ generator
    (D)   DC/ DC converter

33   A conventional vehicle costs 10 to 15 percent per mile in fuel to operate. How much does an electric vehicle cost per mile?
    (A)   2 to 4 cents
    (B)   5 to 6 cents
    (C)   7 to 8 cents
    (D)   9 to 10 cents

34   The strategic petroleum reserve was created to lower oil prices during supply disruptions .How much did the US spend to build and fill the SPR?
    (A)   $980 billion
    (B)   $2 million
    (C)   $4.5 billion
    (D)   $22 billion

35   Current levels of off-peak electric capacity are sufficient to power how much of our nations car and light-duty truck fleet?
    (A)   19%
    (B)   33%
    (C)   55%
    (D)   73%

36   Which of these is the purpose of the power-split device?
    (A)   To split electrical energy into mechanical energy
    (B)   To allow both the engine and electric motor to propel the vehicle
    (C)   To recharge the battery while braking

37   The electric cars available in India are:
    (A)   Hyundai Kona Eclectic
    (B)   Mahindra E20
    (C)   Tata tigor EV 2019
    (D)   All of the above

38   The following companies have launched electric motor cycles in India:
    (A)   revolt
    (B)   hero
    (C)   Yamaha
    (D)   all of the above

39   India’s first electric bus was launched in …………… in 2014.
    (A)   Chennai
    (B)   Mumbai
    (C)   Gujarat
    (D)   Bangalore

40   Ashok Leyland launched its electric bus in…………..
    (A)   Oct-15
    (B)   Oct-16
    (C)   Apr-16
    (D)   Apr-15

41   SMEV stands for ——
    (A)   society of manufacturing of ergonic volts
    (B)   society of manufacturing of electronic vehicles
    (C)   society of manufacturing of environment vehicles
    (D)   society of manufacturing of electric vehicles

42   Society of Indian automobile manufactures:
    (A)   SMEV
    (B)   VMCV
    (C)   SEMV
    (D)   SSEV

43   There is main reason for which the automotive manufacturers are developing and selling HEVs.
    (A)   Reduction of CO2 emission.
    (B)   Direction of exhaust gas toxic emission.
    (C)   Improvement of power train dynamics
    (D)   All of the above

44   In which vehicle system bigger size of a battery is used
    (A)   Micro hybrid
    (B)   Mild hybrid
    (C)   Series hybrid
    (D)   Full hybrid

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