Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation

Multiple Choice Questions

1   Change in output of sensor with change in input is called as ____________
    (A)   Threshold
    (B)   Sensitivity
    (C)   Slew Rate
    (D)   None of the above

2   Sensor is a type of transducer?
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

3   Thermocouple generate output voltage according to ____________
    (A)   Circuit Parameters
    (B)   Humidity
    (C)   Temperature
    (D)   Voltage

4   Transducer converts energy from ………………..
    (A)   Physical to electrical form
    (B)   Do not convert energy
    (C)   Electrical to physical form
    (D)   All the above

5   Which of the following is part of instrumentation system
    (A)   Sensor
    (B)   Transducer
    (C)   Signal Conditioning
    (D)   All the above

6   Active transducer requires…
    (A)   External Power supply
    (B)   Solar panel to get power
    (C)   Does not require power supply
    (D)   None of the above

7   Which of the following is analog transducer
    (A)   LVDT
    (B)   Piezo electric Transducer
    (C)   Rotary Encoder
    (D)   All the above

8   Bourdon tube is example of….
    (A)   Electrical Transducer
    (B)   Mechanical Transducer
    (C)   Digital Transducer
    (D)   Active Transducer

9   LVDT can be used for measurement of
    (A)   Temperature
    (B)   Displacement
    (C)   Humidity
    (D)   Flow

10   Which of the following is selection criteria for transducer
    (A)   Sensitivity
    (B)   Operating Range
    (C)   Frequency Response
    (D)   All the above

11   Which of the following is Elastic Pressure Transducer
    (A)   Bourdon tube
    (B)   Diaphragm
    (C)   Capsule Element
    (D)   All of the above

12   Reynolds Number for Laminar flow is…
    (A)   Less than 2000
    (B)   Greater than 4000
    (C)   Equal to 2000
    (D)   Equal to 4000

13   In turbulent flow….
    (A)   Particles of fluid moves in disorderly fashion
    (B)   Particles of fluid moves in orderly fashion
    (C)   Particles remain stationary
    (D)   None of the above

14   Venturi meter is used for measurement of
    (A)   Temperature
    (B)   Pressure
    (C)   Flow
    (D)   Displacement

15   Hook type instrument is used measurement of
    (A)   Flow of liquid
    (B)   Temperature of liquid
    (C)   Level of liquid
    (D)   None of the above

16   Which of the following mechanism is used for level measurement
    (A)   Radar Level Measurement
    (B)   Ultrasonic Level Measurement
    (C)   Radiation Level Measurement
    (D)   All the above

17   Which of the following is not temperature scale
    (A)   Fahrenheit
    (B)   Centigrade
    (C)   Kelvin
    (D)   Ramting

18   In case of NTC type thermistor
    (A)   Resistance increases with temp
    (B)   Resistance decreases with temp
    (C)   Resistance remains unchanged
    (D)   Inductance decreases with temp

19   For turbulent flow Reynolds number is
    (A)   >2000
    (B)   <2000
    (C)   >4000
    (D)   2000

20   Thermocouple works on principle of
    (A)   Seebeck effect
    (B)   Peltier effect
    (C)   Maxwell effect
    (D)   Flemings left hand rule

21   Unit of level in (level measurement) is
    (A)   meter
    (B)   kilo
    (C)   gram
    (D)   meter/second

22   which of the following temperature transducer is made up of semiconductor
    (A)   Thermistor
    (B)   Thermocouple
    (C)   Pyrometer
    (D)   RTD

23   Long form of RTD is
    (A)   Resistance Temperature Detector
    (B)   Resistance Temperature Dependance
    (C)   Regular Temperature Detector
    (D)   Reusable Temperature Detector

24   Temperature of body is usually measured in
    (A)   Fahrenheit
    (B)   Centigrade
    (C)   Kelvin
    (D)   Rankin

25   If temperature of body in Fahrenheit is 50, what is temperature of body in Centigrade
    (A)   10 degrees Centigrade
    (B)   20 degrees Centigrade
    (C)   9.5 degree Centigrade
    (D)   11 degrees Centigrade

26   Which of the following is standard unit of length?
    (A)   Inch
    (B)   Meter
    (C)   Kilometer
    (D)   Centimeter

27   Resolution of an instrument is
    (A)   The maximum quantity it can measure
    (B)   The maximum non-linearity
    (C)   The minimum quantity it can measure
    (D)   Ability to distinguish polarity

28   In direct measurement method
    (A)   Quantity to measured is compared with standard
    (B)   Quantity to measured is compared with local unit
    (C)   Quantity to measured is compared with international standard
    (D)   None of the above

29   What are the different types of measurement?
    (A)   Direct Measurement
    (B)   Indirect Measurement
    (C)   Both
    (D)   None of the above

30   Which of the following is not static characteristics of instrument?
    (A)   Accuracy
    (B)   Precision
    (C)   Sensitivity
    (D)   Overshoot

31   Which of the following is dynamic characteristics of instrument?
    (A)   Overshoot
    (B)   Speed of response
    (C)   Fidelity
    (D)   All the above

32   Sensitivity of instrument is
    (A)   How quickly instrument responds
    (B)   How slowly instrument responds
    (C)   Not related with instrument response
    (D)   How quickly it generates error

33   Process of calibration is
    (A)   Comparison of measured value with standard
    (B)   Comparison of standard value with measured
    (C)   Comparison of true value with false value
    (D)   None of the above

34   Error can be defined as…
    (A)   Difference between actual value and measured value
    (B)   Difference between actual and internal standard value
    (C)   It is some garbage value
    (D)   It is constant value which makes output wrong

35   Which of the following is type of error?
    (A)   Gross Error
    (B)   Systematic Error
    (C)   Random Error
    (D)   All of the above

36   Which of the following is systematic error?
    (A)   Random Error
    (B)   Climatic Error
    (C)   Observational error
    (D)   Universal error

37   Source of Random error is
    (A)   Instrument power supply
    (B)   Temperature change
    (C)   Unknown reasons
    (D)   Global warming

38   Parallax error is an example of…
    (A)   Instrumental error
    (B)   Observational error
    (C)   Random error
    (D)   Gaussian error

39   Different measurement standards are
    (A)   International standard
    (B)   Primary standard
    (C)   Secondary standard
    (D)   All the above

40   Secondary standards are used in
    (A)   Industrial Measurement
    (B)   Local measurement
    (C)   International Easement
    (D)   None of the above

41   What are the different standards considered for calibration?
    (A)   Accuracy Required
    (B)   Sensitivity required
    (C)   Range of instrument
    (D)   All of the above

42   Which of the following instrument has highest Accuracy?
    (A)   Analog instrument
    (B)   Digital Instrument
    (C)   Both
    (D)   None of the above

43   Which is following instrument?

    (A)   PMMC Instrument
    (B)   Deflection type instrument
    (C)   Dynamo meter type instrument
    (D)   Moving iron type instrument

44   Long form of PMMC meter is
    (A)   Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instrument
    (B)   Permanent Magnet Mode Coil Instrument
    (C)   Permanent Moving Magnetic Coil Instrument
    (D)   None of the above

45   PMMC instrument works on principle of
    (A)   Fleming Left Hand Rule
    (B)   Fleming Right Hand Rule
    (C)   Thumb Rule
    (D)   None of the above

46   Which of the following is type of moving iron instrument?
    (A)   Attraction type
    (B)   Repulsion type
    (C)   Both
    (D)   None of the above

47   Which of the following meter is costly?
    (A)   PMMC meter
    (B)   Moving iron meter
    (C)   Dynamo meter type meter
    (D)   All are cheap instrument

48   Voltmeter, Ammeter, Watt meter measures which of the following quantity
    (A)   Power, Voltage, Current
    (B)   Current, Power, Voltage
    (C)   Voltage, Current, Power
    (D)   Voltage, Power, Current

49   Which of the following instrument uses Permanent Magnet?
    (A)   PMMC Instrument
    (B)   Moving Iron Instrument
    (C)   Dynamometer type Instrument
    (D)   None of the above

50   What is disadvantage of PMMC meter
    (A)   It is costly
    (B)   Delicate construction
    (C)   Hysteresis error
    (D)   All of the above

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