Engineering Metrology



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   Select slip gauges from M45 set to build height of 95.431mm

    (A)   90 + 5 + 0.4 + 0.03 + 0.001
    (B)   90 + 1.001 + 1.43 + 3
    (C)   1.001 + 1.03 + 1.4 + 2 + 90
    (D)   None of above

2   Select slip gauges from M87 set to build height of 95.431mm using protector slip gauges of 2mm size each on top and bottom side

    (A)   1.001 + 1.03 + 1.4 + 2 + 90
    (B)   1.001 + 1.43 + 3 + 90
    (C)   1.001 + 2+2 + 1.43 + 9 +80
    (D)   1.001 + 2 + 1.43 + 1 +90

3   —– is to regulate, advise, supervise & control the manufacturing & calibration of measuring instruments.
    (A)   Organizational Metrology
    (B)   Legal Metrology
    (C)   Scientific Metrology
    (D)   Industrial Metrology

4   Scientific Metrology deals with
    (A)   The organization & development of measurement standards
    (B)   Quality in industrial activity
    (C)   Regulate, advise, supervise & control the manufacturing & calibration of measuring instruments
    (D)   All of Above

5   The degree of closeness of the measured value of a certain quantity with its true value is known as
    (A)   Precision
    (B)   Accuracy
    (C)   Standard
    (D)   Sensitivity

6   Choose the sequence of Quality Inspection. 1] In Line Inspection, 2] Final Inspection, 3] Pre- Production Inspection
    (A)   1-2-3
    (B)   3-2-1
    (C)   3-1-2
    (D)   None of Above

7   Inspection can be
    (A)   100%
    (B)   Sampling
    (C)   Both of Above
    (D)   None of Above

8   Type of error depicted by the given observations is —– Observations: 6.34mm, 6.99mm, 5.99mm, 5.32mm, 6.5mm
    (A)   Systematic error
    (B)   Random error
    (C)   Both systematic and random error
    (D)   None of these

9   Choose incorrect statement for end standard
    (A)   These standards are highly accurate and ideal for making close tolerance measurement.
    (B)   They measure only one dimension at a time, thereby consuming more time.
    (C)   They do not possess a built-in datum
    (D)   Groups of blocks/slip gauges are wrung together to create the required size

10   Following is/are the main accessories which is to be used while using slip gauges for different application
    (A)   Measuring jaws
    (B)   Scribing and center point
    (C)   Holders and base
    (D)   All of above

11   Comparator can be used as
    (A)   Laboratory Standards
    (B)   Working Gauges:
    (C)   Receiving Inspection Gauges
    (D)   All of above

12   Slit diaphragm in sigma comparator is used to —–
    (A)   Reduce friction
    (B)   To get back plunger to its original position
    (C)   Above two options are correct
    (D)   None of above

13   In Pneumatic comparator
    (A)   More numbers of auxiliary equipments are required
    (B)   We can keep number of parts at remote place
    (C)   Manometer is having non uniform scale of measurement
    (D)   All of above statement are correct

14   Choose incorrect statement about Inspection
    (A)   It increases the cost of inspection
    (B)   It saves money
    (C)   It increases Quality output
    (D)   It increases the reputation

15   Choose incorrect statement of the following options
    (A)   Primary standard has more accuracy
    (B)   Working standard has less accuracy
    (C)   Cost of working standard is high comparing to other standards
    (D)   Tertiary standards are derived from secondary standards

16   Properly wrung blocks may stand —– force
    (A)   Upto 300 N Push
    (B)   More than 300N Push
    (C)   Upto 300 N Pull
    (D)   More than 300N Pull

17   Wringing happened because of —–
    (A)   Air Pressure causes squeezing of air between gauges
    (B)   Surface tension from oil and water vapor that is present between the blocks
    (C)   Molecular attraction that occurs when two very flat surfaces are brought into contact
    (D)   All of above

18   Dial gauge has following of the parts
    (A)   Rack and Pinion
    (B)   Gear Train
    (C)   Hair and Coil Spring
    (D)   All of above

19   Dial gauge is a —– precision instrument
    (A)   Linear
    (B)   Non linear
    (C)   None of above

20   In mechanical comparator Plunger movement is linearly calibrated to circular scale on which pointer moves
    (A)   Yes, it is true
    (B)   No, it is not calibrated
    (C)   Data is insufficient
    (D)   None of above

21   Magnification of sigma comparator depends on
    (A)   Length of Y arm and Pointer
    (B)   Radius of drum
    (C)   Distance between fixed block and knife edge
    (D)   All of above

22   “Y” arm in sigma comparator is connected to —–
    (A)   Movable block
    (B)   Fixed block
    (C)   Both of above
    (D)   None of above

23   Choose incorrect statement
    (A)   Pneumatic Comparator has more accuracy than mechanical comparator
    (B)   Pneumatic Comparator has high magnification
    (C)   Pneumatic Comparator has less or none number of moving parts
    (D)   Pneumatic Comparator is a portable type of comparator

24   Choose correct statement for Pneumatic Comparator
    (A)   We can use same measuring head for different measurements
    (B)   Different measuring head are required for different measurements
    (C)   Both above statements are correct
    (D)   None of above

25   Comparator should be —–
    (A)   Robust design and construction
    (B)   Linear characteristics of scale
    (C)   Quick insertion of workpiece
    (D)   All of above

26   Functions of Metrology
    (A)   Establishing Units
    (B)   Reproducing Units
    (C)   Uniformity in Measurement
    (D)   All of above

27   —– is the distance between the gold plugs used in the material standard yard at 62°F
    (A)   38 inch
    (B)   36 inch
    (C)   37 inch
    (D)   36.5 inch

28   Modern Material standard (Yard) for length has —– cross section
    (A)   Square
    (B)   Web
    (C)   Square and Web
    (D)   None of above

29   40H8f7 will give following of the fit
    (A)   Clearance fit
    (B)   Interference fit
    (C)   Transition fit
    (D)   All of above

30   For “Z” type of hole FD is
    (A)   Positive
    (B)   Negative
    (C)   Data is insufficient
    (D)   None of above

31   Limits of 50mm hole is ES= +0.025 and EI= -0.002. The maximum and minimum hole size will be —–
    (A)   50.025 and 49.998
    (B)   50.002 and 49.002
    (C)   50.002 and 49.025
    (D)   None of above

32   Nut, bolt, screws etc. used in automobile industries used during assembly of vehicle is a type of —– because each company have their own standards for each product or parts
    (A)   Local interchangeability
    (B)   Universal interchangeability
    (C)   Both above
    (D)   None of above

33   Allowance is calculated by —–
    (A)   Maximum material condition of hole minus maximum material condition of shaft
    (B)   Maximum material condition of shaft minus maximum material condition of hole
    (C)   Insufficient data
    (D)   None of above

34   Choose correct statement/s
    (A)   Upper deviation designed as ES for a hole and es for a shaft
    (B)   Lower deviation designed as EI for a hole and ei for a shaft
    (C)   Upper deviation is defined as algebraic difference between upper limit of size and its corresponding basic size
    (D)   All of above

35   Choose correct sentence/sentences
    (A)   Maximum material condition for hole is lower limit
    (B)   Maximum material condition for hole is upper limit
    (C)   Minimum material condition for hole is lower limit
    (D)   None of above

36   Advantages of gauges are —–
    (A)   Very easy to use
    (B)   Quick and less time consuming
    (C)   No need of external power supply.
    (D)   All of the above

37   Addendum for external threads is the —–
    (A)   Radial distance between pitch and minor cylinder
    (B)   Radial distance between major and pitch cylinder
    (C)   Radial distance between major and minor cylinder
    (D)   Axial distance between major and pitch cylinder

38   —– is the axial distance traveled by the thread, when it completes one revolution
    (A)   Lead
    (B)   Pitch
    (C)   Depth of cut
    (D)   Pitch Diameter

39   Floating carriage dial micrometer can be used for measurement of —–
    (A)   Major diameter of external thread
    (B)   Minor diameter of external thread
    (C)   Effective diameter of external thread
    (D)   All of above

40   “The pitch error can be tolerated easily in gear transmission.”
    (A)   The above sentence is correct
    (B)   The above sentence is incorrect
    (C)   Data is insufficient
    (D)   None of the above

41   “Tooth thickness can be measured by measuring the —– distance over a number of teeth by using tooth span micrometer.”
    (A)   Radial
    (B)   Chordal
    (C)   Central
    (D)   None of this

42   —– machine is used for rolling tests
    (A)   Parkinson’s gear tester
    (B)   Tooth caliper
    (C)   Base pitch measuring instrument
    (D)   Involute profile testing machine

43   Following of the option is an end measuring instrument(s)
    (A)   Screw Gauge
    (B)   Steel Rule
    (C)   Inch tape
    (D)   All of these

44   Adverse effects of poor surface finish include —–
    (A)   Low Fatigue strength
    (B)   Rough Sliding
    (C)   Low Wear resistance
    (D)   All of these

45   “—– is widely used as the datum for all the measurements on a job”
    (A)   Vernier Caliper
    (B)   Surface Plate
    (C)   Dial Gauge
    (D)   None of these

46   —– is/are instrument/s used for angular measurement
    (A)   Spirit level
    (B)   Universal Bevel Protractor
    (C)   Sine Bar
    (D)   All of these

47   Following of the instrument is used as an angular comparator
    (A)   Angle Dekkor
    (B)   Spirit level
    (C)   Dial gauge indicator
    (D)   All of above

48   —– used for aligning structural members such as beams and columns
    (A)   Screw Gauge
    (B)   Height Gauge
    (C)   Sine bar
    (D)   None of above

49   Advantage of granite over cast iron in making surface plates is —–
    (A)   Won’t rust by moisture
    (B)   Strength for given weight is high
    (C)   No need of inserts and fasteners
    (D)   Reflects radiant heat

50   Unilateral tolerance —–
    (A)   Is given on one side of basic size
    (B)   Is given on both side of basic size
    (C)   Is given on both side of basic deviation
    (D)   Is given on one side of basic deviation

51   Actual size is also termed as —–
    (A)   Normal size
    (B)   Basic size
    (C)   Measured size
    (D)   All of above

52   Tolerance for the given size 20+0.1/-0.2 will be
    (A)   20.1
    (B)   19.8
    (C)   0.2
    (D)   0.3

53   For the given size 20+0.1/-0.2, +0.1 and -0.2 indicates —–
    (A)   +0.1 is upper deviation and -0.2 is lower deviation
    (B)   +0.1 is lower deviation and -0.2 is upper deviation
    (C)   Fundamental deviation
    (D)   None of above

54   Choose Following of the true option for truncation for screw thread
    (A)   Thread can be truncated at crest only
    (B)   Thread can be truncated at root only
    (C)   Thread can be truncated at crest and root both
    (D)   Thread can’t be truncated at crest and root both

55   In a bench micrometer, —– enables the application of a pressure already decided upon the screw thread
    (A)   A span indicator
    (B)   A pressure indicator
    (C)   A fiducial indicator
    (D)   None of the above

56   The best size of the wire which makes contact with the screw at —–
    (A)   Addendum circle
    (B)   Dedendum circle
    (C)   Clearance circle
    (D)   Pitch circle

57   Identify the instrument

    (A)   Micrometer
    (B)   Vernier caliper
    (C)   Bevel protractor
    (D)   Autocollimator

58   Metrology deals with
    (A)   Measurements
    (B)   Quality control
    (C)   Development of standard
    (D)   All of the above

59   True value is 6.35 mm, instrument showing reading as 6.35 mm and Observer noted reading as 6.34 mm. Mention the type of error
    (A)   Systematic error
    (B)   Random error
    (C)   Human error
    (D)   None of these

60   Identify the instrument

    (A)   Vernier Caliper
    (B)   Surface Plate
    (C)   Dial Gauge
    (D)   None of these

61   The smallest division on main scale of a Vernier caliper is 1mm and number of division on Vernier scale is 50. Select the least count (mm)
    (A)   0.002
    (B)   0.02
    (C)   0.2
    (D)   2

62   Difference between true value and measured value is
    (A)   Hysteresis
    (B)   Misalignment
    (C)   Error
    (D)   Readability

63   —– is used to transfer the distance between component to scale or vice versa.
    (A)   Caliper
    (B)   Stylus
    (C)   Gauge
    (D)   Meter

64   —– is used for setting cylindrical components
    (A)   V block
    (B)   Square block
    (C)   Round block
    (D)   Plug

65   Surface plate should be
    (A)   Light weight
    (B)   Massive and rigid
    (C)   Thin as possible
    (D)   All of the above

66   Main scale reading of micrometer is 27 mm and circular scale is 36, least count is 0.01 mm. Calculate the reading (mm)
    (A)   27.36
    (B)   26.99
    (C)   27.01
    (D)   27.48

67   Micrometer works on following principle
    (A)   Screw thread
    (B)   Difference of scale
    (C)   Magnification
    (D)   Monochromatic light source

68   A device which combines center head, square head and protractor head is called as
    (A)   Height gauge
    (B)   Bevel protractor
    (C)   Combination set
    (D)   Odd leg caliper

69   —– is used to measure outside diameter of shaft
    (A)   Inside caliper
    (B)   Outside caliper
    (C)   Divider
    (D)   Odd leg caliper

70   Surface plate is mounted in which position
    (A)   Inclined
    (B)   Vertical
    (C)   Horizontal
    (D)   Any position

71   Standard full angle of V block is (in degrees)
    (A)   90
    (B)   45
    (C)   0
    (D)   None of the above

72   Parallax error is
    (A)   Human
    (B)   Random
    (C)   Calibration
    (D)   Environmental

73   Which is NOT used in making surface plates?
    (A)   Cast iron
    (B)   Granite
    (C)   Wood
    (D)   Ceramic

74   The act of checking job dimension at various stages of manufacturing is
    (A)   Calibration
    (B)   Inspection
    (C)   Standardization
    (D)   Quality control

75   The process of framing scale of measuring instrument by applying standard is
    (A)   Calibration
    (B)   Inspection
    (C)   Standardization
    (D)   Quality control

76   Physical form of unit of measurement is called as
    (A)   Standard
    (B)   Instrument
    (C)   Gauge
    (D)   End bar

77   Environmental error is subjected to the following factors
    (A)   Temperature
    (B)   Humidity
    (C)   Vibration
    (D)   All of the above

78   Instrument A is having LC of 0.01mm; Instrument B is having LC of 0.02mm. Which one in general said to be more accurate
    (A)   A
    (B)   B
    (C)   Both
    (D)   Can’t say

79   Which factor/s from the following is/are considered while selecting measuring instrument
    (A)   Accuracy
    (B)   Range
    (C)   Precision
    (D)   All of the above

80   “The ability of a measuring device to detect small variations in quantity being measured” is called
    (A)   Repeatability
    (B)   Reproducibility
    (C)   Sensitivity
    (D)   Readability

81   Which is NOT linear measuring device?
    (A)   Vernier caliper
    (B)   Micrometer
    (C)   Steel rule
    (D)   Bevel Protractor

82   —– is science of measurement.
    (A)   Metallurgy
    (B)   Meteorology
    (C)   Metrology
    (D)   None of the above

83   Comparator are preferred to be used in
    (A)   Mass production
    (B)   Job order production
    (C)   Individual job
    (D)   None of the above

84   Slip Gauge is the example of ……….
    (A)   Line Standard
    (B)   End Standard
    (C)   Both line and End standard
    (D)   None of these

85   Choose Incorrect Statement
    (A)   Interference is observed in tight fit
    (B)   Allowance represents minimum interference for interference fits
    (C)   Clearance is observed in push fit
    (D)   All of above

86   Choose Correct Statement/’s for Slip Gauge
    (A)   Used for Linear measurements
    (B)   Used with Sine bar for Angle Measurements
    (C)   Also termed as Johnson Gauges
    (D)   All of Above

87   …………. is the most suitable for wavelength standard
    (A)   Cadmium 114
    (B)   Krypton 86
    (C)   Mercury 198
    (D)   Any monochromatic light

88   When 25mm size of hole and shaft of 22mm diameter assembled together then existed fit will be………………
    (A)   Transition fit
    (B)   Clearance fit
    (C)   Interference fit
    (D)   None of these

89   For Gauge Design, which principle is used?
    (A)   Taylor’s principle
    (B)   Rankin principle
    (C)   Position principle
    (D)   Carnot Principle

90   Two extreme permissible sizes for dimensions are called as
    (A)   Fit
    (B)   Gauge
    (C)   Limits
    (D)   Upper deviation

91   The degree of tightness or looseness between two mating parts is called as
    (A)   Fit
    (B)   Interference
    (C)   Transition
    (D)   Clearance

92   25±0.02 is an example of
    (A)   Unilateral tolerance
    (B)   Bilateral tolerance
    (C)   Clearance
    (D)   Interference

93   Can GO-NOGO gauge find out actual reading of the job to be tested
    (A)   Yes
    (B)   No
    (C)   Can’t say
    (D)   None of the above

94   ——— end of the plug gauge is marked with red band.
    (A)   GO
    (B)   NOGO
    (C)   Both
    (D)   None of the above

95   When smallest shaft diameter is greater than largest hole diameter, then there is……….
    (A)   Clearance
    (B)   Interference
    (C)   Transition
    (D)   None of the above

96   When largest shaft diameter is smaller than smallest hole diameter, then there is……….
    (A)   Clearance
    (B)   Interference
    (C)   Transition
    (D)   None of the above

97   In hole basis and shaft basis system, which one is preferred?
    (A)   Hole basis
    (B)   Shaft basis
    (C)   Both are equally preferred
    (D)   Can’t say

98   The production system in which numbers of identical components are produced on large scale is called as
    (A)   Job order
    (B)   Batch
    (C)   Mass production
    (D)   One time production

99   Which gauge is used for checking hole size?
    (A)   Snap gauge
    (B)   Plug gauge
    (C)   Round gauge
    (D)   Filler gauge

100   A slip gauge set M45 contains………..pieces
    (A)   45
    (B)   105
    (C)   87
    (D)   40

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