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Total mark 8 ( choose the correct alternative from that given below each question)

1   Life is like___ concert to me. (Choose the correct article)
    (A)   a
    (B)   an
    (C)   the
    (D)   None of these

2   The food outlet is open ______ the spring. (Choose the correct Preposition)
    (A)   throughout
    (B)   from
    (C)   in
    (D)   to

3   Dr Kalam was_____ a scientist _____an author of many famous books. (Choose correct pair of conjunctions.)
    (A)   Either….or
    (B)   as…as
    (C)   not only…. but also
    (D)   neither…nor

4   How big that mango tree is! (Transform into assertive sentence).
    (A)   That is a mango tree.
    (B)   That is indeed a big mango tree.
    (C)   Is it a mango big tree.
    (D)   Mango tree is big.

5   I sent the report Yesterday. (Choose correct passive voice of the given sentence.)
    (A)   Yesterday, the report was sent by me.
    (B)   I am sending the report yesterday.
    (C)   The report was being sent yesterday by me.
    (D)   Yesterday, the report had been sent by me.

6   The servant says” The master is not at home.” (Change to indirect speech)
    (A)   The servant said that the master was not at home.
    (B)   The servant said that the master is not at home.
    (C)   The servant says that the master is not at home.
    (D)   None of these.

7   The workers are not going on strike. (Choose the correct interrogative sentence)
    (A)   Is the workers going on strike?
    (B)   Are the workers not going on strike?
    (C)   Are the workers on strike?
    (D)   Are the workers going on strike?

8   He taught at the University. (Choose the correct Past continuous tense.)
    (A)   He is teaching at the university
    (B)   He teaches at the University.
    (C)   He was teaching at the University.
    (D)   He was not teaching at the University.


Answer the questions based on the passages studied by you.
TOTAL MARKS 14.( choose the correct alternative from that given below each question)

9   How was Shiva’s family condition during his childhood and school life.
    (A)   Utter poverty and hardship.
    (B)   Rich, wealthy and prosperous
    (C)   Very happy, enjoyable and well to do.
    (D)   None of these,

10   How did Shiva prepare for IIM CAT Exam.
    (A)   By attending coaching classes regularly.
    (B)   By taking coaching class notes and solving old CAT exam question papers.
    (C)   By just having interactions with his friends.
    (D)   None of these.

11   What are self-limiting beliefs mentioned in the passage “Grind.”
    (A)   Be strong and go on with your task.
    (B)   What if I fail, What if I turn a laughing stock, What if I end up penniless.
    (C)   Radical action and smart work.
    (D)   All of the above.

12   What are Ronaldo’s ideas about success?
    (A)   Believe in your capabilities, work hard, give your 100% and dream, as dreams come true.
    (B)   Keep on watching football matches. Talk to players about playing.
    (C)   Practice when you get leisure time. Work with relaxation.
    (D)   None of the above.

13   How will you describe JRD TATA as?
    (A)   An Extravagant man
    (B)   A bully boss
    (C)   A leader and a mentor
    (D)   A non-caring industrialist

14   What is the significance of year 2004 for TATA group?
    (A)   Its Birth anniversary of Jamshedji TATA.
    (B)   Its the year when Tata launched a new car.
    (C)   Its the year when TATA group was formed.
    (D)   It marks 100th birth anniversary of JRD TATA and Naval TATA and Death centenary of Jamshedji TATA.

15   What does Gurmeet Singh feed the lawaris patients with?
    (A)   Sweets, cakes and bread.
    (B)   Rotis, vegetables, salad, eggs and curd.
    (C)   Burger, dosa, pizza and samosas.
    (D)   All the above.

16   Why is Gurmeet Singh called a “MESSIAH”?
    (A)   Because he cares for patients with food, medicine and clothes.
    (B)   He takes the patients for excursion every week.
    (C)   He donates money to the beggars.
    (D)   He feeds the stray animals.

17   Which are the thing that form a part of e-waste?
    (A)   All household waste products.
    (B)   Waste Products from factories.
    (C)   Our thrown away electronic gadgets like cell phone, laptops and TVs
    (D)   All the above.

18   How can we dispose our e waste?
    (A)   By throwing in the garbage bin.
    (B)   By dumping underground.
    (C)   By burning or putting in rivers, lakes and sea.
    (D)   By sending to certified E-waste recyclers.

19   Who is Arunima Sinha?
    (A)   A first Indian Amputee to climb Mount Everest.
    (B)   A film actress.
    (C)   A lady politician in UP.
    (D)   First Prime minister of a country.

20   What is the full form of IQ and EQ?
    (A)   Indian Question and European Question.
    (B)   Intelligent Question and Educational Question.
    (C)   Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient.
    (D)   None of the above.

21   What are the safety measures to be followed on the road?
    (A)   Wear helmet and seat belt while driving.
    (B)   Drive with no protection on the road
    (C)   Follow no traffic rules.
    (D)   Drive on the road as one likes.

22   According to Mr. Lal, what qualities one should have to become a good leader?
    (A)   No need of any qualities
    (B)   Just control the subordinate by all means
    (C)   Be a doer first and become a popular manager.
    (D)   All the above.

Paragraph and Dialogues

Total Marks 7. ( choose the correct alternative from that given below each question)

23   What is a narrative paragraph?
    (A)   It describes a person.
    (B)   It provides information
    (C)   It tells a story.
    (D)   None of the above.

24   Which one is not the essential element of a paragraph?
    (A)   Unity.
    (B)   Order
    (C)   Coherence
    (D)   Vagueness

25   A dialogue begins with….
    (A)   Greetings
    (B)   Abruptly
    (C)   Vaguely
    (D)   Dialogue is just talking

26   Good day to you, Have nice day, Pleasure talking to you are the phrases used in _______ part of the dialogue.
    (A)   Beginning
    (B)   Middle
    (C)   Closing
    (D)   No where

27   A dialogue between a Student and the Principal of the college is ________ type of dialogue
    (A)   Formal
    (B)   Nonformal
    (C)   Informal
    (D)   a chat

28   Town life vs Village life is ________ type of paragraph.
    (A)   Descriptive
    (B)   Narrative
    (C)   Comparison and Contrast
    (D)   None of the above.

29   In technical paragraph on a “Washing Machine” you will not write about……
    (A)   Its construction.
    (B)   Its technical features.
    (C)   Its transportation from Factory to Dealer.
    (D)   Its functions.


Total Marks 7( choose the correct alternative from that given below each question)

30   Correctly spelt word is….
    (A)   Angrily
    (B)   Angrely
    (C)   Angryly
    (D)   Angrilly

31   The Plural of “Half.” is
    (A)   Halfs
    (B)   Halves
    (C)   Halvies
    (D)   All the above

32   Correct word for sweet smell or perfume is
    (A)   Flagrant
    (B)   Fragment
    (C)   Fragrant
    (D)   None of the above

33   We salute the army_____. (Use correct word in the blank)
    (A)   Person
    (B)   Personal
    (C)   Personnel
    (D)   Personality

34   The victory of Joe Biden is_____. (Use correct idiom)
    (A)   A Hot Potato
    (B)   Best of both worlds
    (C)   Caught between two stools
    (D)   An iron will.

35   The traveler decided to________. (Use Proper collocation)
    (A)   take a rest
    (B)   take an exam
    (C)   take a break
    (D)   take a look

36   After adding a suffix “ment”to the word “Manage” makes it ….
    (A)   a verb
    (B)   an adjective
    (C)   an adverb
    (D)   a noun

Speech writing

Total Marks 4 ( choose the correct alternative from that given below each question)

37   Public speaking develops_____
    (A)   Proper format
    (B)   Leadership qualities
    (C)   Habit of speaking
    (D)   All the above

38   Characteristic of good speech is……
    (A)   Negative attitude
    (B)   Use of irrelevant words
    (C)   Lengthy one
    (D)   Positive attitude

39   A Farewell speech is for ….
    (A)   Welcoming someone.
    (B)   Introducing someone.
    (C)   Someone leaving or departing.
    (D)   All the above.

40   Vote of thanks is a speech delivered at……
    (A)   the beginning of the function.
    (B)   the end of the function.
    (C)   introduction of the guest at the function.
    (D)   whenever one likes.

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