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1   Mummy found _____ mouse in ____ kitchen. (Choose the correct article.)
    (A)   an, a
    (B)   an, the
    (C)   a, the
    (D)   No article required

2   A big dog is lying _____ the grass. (Choose the correct preposition.)
    (A)   in
    (B)   above
    (C)   over
    (D)   on

3   Charu missed the bus _____ she over slept. (Choose the correct conjunction)
    (A)   because
    (B)   yet
    (C)   until
    (D)   so

4   Rajesh finished his project well _______ the exam. (Choose correct conjunction)
    (A)   after
    (B)   before
    (C)   until
    (D)   so

5   The servant _______(work) since morning. (Choose correct form of the verb given in the bracket.)
    (A)   works
    (B)   worked
    (C)   has been working
    (D)   was being worked

6   Gopi made disturbances in the meeting. (Change the voice.)
    (A)   Gopi makes disturbances in the meeting.
    (B)   Disturbances were made in the meeting by Gopi.
    (C)   Disturbances were being made by Gopi in the meeting.
    (D)   None of the above

7   By whom was this cat belled? (Change the voice)
    (A)   Who belled the cat?
    (B)   Who is belling the cat?
    (C)   Cat is belled by whom?
    (D)   Cat belled whom?

8   ______ (Do) they finish the project before deadline? Choose correct form of the verb given in the bracket)
    (A)   Does
    (B)   Done
    (C)   Will do
    (D)   Did

9   _______ the police ______ the military personnel could control the riot. (Choose the correct conjunction)
    (A)   Either…or
    (B)   So… that
    (C)   Neither…nor
    (D)   Both… and

10   The cupboard is made ____ wood. (Choose the correct Preposition)
    (A)   from
    (B)   with
    (C)   of
    (D)   None of the above

11   ____ more we get ____ more we want. (Choose the correct article.)
    (A)   The, an
    (B)   The, the
    (C)   A, a
    (D)   A, an

12   Shiva was afraid that he won’t be able continue his studies as—-
    (A)   He was not able to reach the school in time every day.
    (B)   His father didn’t have good job.
    (C)   He didn’t have money to pay school fees.
    (D)   All the above.

13   Shiva earned a living for his family by—–
    (A)   Delivering newspapers.
    (B)   Working on a farm.
    (C)   Running a lorry.
    (D)   None of the above.

14   Which of the following is not the quality of shiva as mentioned in the lesson?
    (A)   Hard working.
    (B)   Honest.
    (C)   Day dreamer.
    (D)   Punctual.

15   Who was Shiva’s mentor and supporter?
    (A)   Krishna Vedvyas.
    (B)   His mother.
    (C)   His father.
    (D)   Principal of the school.

16   Shiva started working as salesman in a/an _____
    (A)   Grocery shop.
    (B)   Electrical shop.
    (C)   Garment Shop.
    (D)   Electronic shop.

17   Having a dream is a half battle won the rest half is to —
    (A)   Keep dreaming.
    (B)   Tell your dreams to others.
    (C)   make a radical action.
    (D)   make variety of actions.

18   What is Usain Bolt’s world record in sprinting?
    (A)   Running 100 Mtrs in one minute.
    (B)   Running 100 Mtrs in one hour.
    (C)   Running 100 Mtrs in 9.58 seconds
    (D)   Jumping10 Mtrs above the ground.

19   ________ is must, if you want to succeed.
    (A)   Sacrifice.
    (B)   Eating little.
    (C)   Drinking a lot.

20   Walter Edward Dandy was a_________.
    (A)   Neurosurgeon
    (B)   Cariologist
    (C)   Football player
    (D)   A world leader

21   Dr APJ Abdul kalam received a standing Ovation for his speech at________.
    (A)   Indian Parliament
    (B)   American Senate.
    (C)   The Mazlis
    (D)   The European Union Parliament

22   Wrong action leads one somewhere, but in action______.
    (A)   leads one nowhere.
    (B)   leads one anywhere.
    (C)   leads one everywhere.
    (D)   Don’t know where.

23   Correct meaning of “Grind” in the lesson you have studied is_______.
    (A)   Consistent effort
    (B)   Effortless activity
    (C)   Make efforts in any new activity
    (D)   Grind the grain to floor.

24   Reckoned means.
    (A)   Support.
    (B)   Provide.
    (C)   Consider.
    (D)   Knowledge.

25   Substantially means.
    (A)   To a great extent.
    (B)   To a small quantity.
    (C)   To an average level.
    (D)   All the above.

26   Correctly spelt word is….
    (A)   Counseller
    (B)   Counseler
    (C)   Counselor
    (D)   councelor

27   The breach in PM Modi’s security in Punjab is_____. (Use correct idiom)
    (A)   A Hot Potato
    (B)   Best of both worlds
    (C)   Caught between two stools
    (D)   An iron will.

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