Environmental Studies-3


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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


1   Men engineered ecosystem consists of
    (A)   Agriculture and aquaculture ecosystem
    (B)   Desert and forest ecosystem
    (C)   Grassland and tree
    (D)   All of the above

2   The interdependence of the living organisms among themselves and with the environment is called
    (A)   Ecology
    (B)   Biology
    (C)   Ecosystem
    (D)   Anthology

3   The food chain in an ecosystem helps to maintain
    (A)   The feeding relationship in nature, thus biodiversity
    (B)   Passage of nutrients in the ecosystem
    (C)   Flow of energy in the ecosystem
    (D)   All the given

4   The graphical representation of the interrelation of producer and consumer in an ecosystem is termed as
    (A)   Ecological niche
    (B)   Ecological pyramid
    (C)   Food web
    (D)   Tropic level

5   Biotic & Abiotic components together form an _ _ _ _
    (A)   Ecosystem
    (B)   Pond
    (C)   River
    (D)   None of the above

6   “Tundra” is an example of _ _ _ _ type of Ecosystem
    (A)   Marine
    (B)   Terrestrial
    (C)   Microbiological
    (D)   None of the above

7   Ecological pyramid is a _ _ _ _ representation
    (A)   Geological
    (B)   Pyramidal
    (C)   Graphical
    (D)   None of the above

8   In Alpine, Animals have _ _ _ _ blood vessels
    (A)   More
    (B)   Large
    (C)   Thick
    (D)   None of the above

9   The percentage of forest cover recommended by the National Forest Policy (1988) is
    (A)   33% for plains and 67% for hills
    (B)   37% for plains and 63% for hills
    (C)   20% for plains and 70% for hills
    (D)   23% for plains and 77% for hills

10   Select the correct statement of biodiversity
    (A)   The desert area of Rajasthan and Gujarat has a very high level of desert animal species as well as numerous rare animals
    (B)   Large scale planting of BT cotton has no adverse effect on biodiversity
    (C)   Western Ghats have a very high degree of species richness and endemism
    (D)   Conservation of biodiversity in just a fad pursued by the developed countries

11   The Red Data Book maintains a record of the
    (A)   Plants and animals present in the whole world
    (B)   Relationship between man and biosphere
    (C)   Plants and animals which are known to be endangered
    (D)   Forest wealth in the whole world

12   In a national park protection is given to
    (A)   The entire flora
    (B)   The entire fauna
    (C)   The plants and animals
    (D)   The entire ecosystem

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