Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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1   X’ company has all database related to employees working with them. It has employed which ERP module?
    (A)   Human Resource
    (B)   Sales and marketing
    (C)   Finance
    (D)   All the above

2   component parts, which then they sell at a profit from the following lists of business sectors.
    (A)   a) Service providers
    (B)   b) manufacturing
    (C)   c) trade
    (D)   d) none of these

3   What do you mean by ” Management”?
    (A)   a) an art
    (B)   b) science
    (C)   c)An art and Science
    (D)   d) None of these

4   Who has enlisted Principles of Management?
    (A)   a) F.W. Taylor
    (B)   b) Henry Fayol
    (C)   c) Dr. Juran
    (D)   d) Adam Smith

5   Line Organization is suitable for –
    (A)   a) Small Scale Industries
    (B)   b) Medium Scale Industries
    (C)   c) Large Scale Industries
    (D)   d) All of the above

6   The function of management by which it transfers its ideas and information to subordinates is called:
    (A)   a) Planning
    (B)   b) controlling
    (C)   c) Motivating
    (D)   d) Directing

7   Which of the following are Principles of Management?
    (A)   a) Discipline
    (B)   b) Initiative
    (C)   c)Division of work
    (D)   d) All of the above

8   Name the factors in deciding structure of organization
    (A)   Functional Organization
    (B)   Specialization
    (C)   Types of Products
    (D)   All of the above

9   Line Organization is observed in which of the following organizations?
    (A)   Joint stock company
    (B)   Any medium scale company
    (C)   Military
    (D)   All of the above

10   Which of the following are forms of Ownership?
    (A)   Sole Proprietorship
    (B)   Partnership
    (C)   Joint stock companies
    (D)   All of the above

11   Heat Treatment shop ‘ in Kirloskar industries is an example of –
    (A)   Departmentation by
    (B)   Departmentation by product
    (C)   Departmentation by process
    (D)   Departmentation by location

12   Which of the following are types of accidents?
    (A)   a) Minor Accidents
    (B)   b) Fatal Accidents
    (C)   only a
    (D)   a and b both

13   Which of the following are silent features of Employee’s State Insurance Act?
    (A)   a) Finance and Audit
    (B)   b) Contribution and benefits
    (C)   a and b both
    (D)   d)None of the above

14   Find the odd one out from the Industrial Acts listed below:
    (A)   a) Workmen’s Compensation Act,1924
    (B)   b) Industrial Dispute act,1947
    (C)   Minimum wages Act
    (D)   d) Income, Payment and Wages Act.

15   In a Medium scale industry, while operating a machine a worker was seriously injured. He was immediately taken to hospital but he is affected by fatal accident. What do you mean by fatal accident?
    (A)   a) Hospitalization
    (B)   b) Permanent Disability
    (C)   c) Major fracture
    (D)   d) Death

16   Capital can be defined as –
    (A)   a) Funds available with owner
    (B)   b) Wealth which yields income or helps in the production of further income
    (C)   c) Funds required for establishing an organization
    (D)   d) Circulating capital available with organization

17   which of the following points highlights Sales budget of an organization?
    (A)   Income from sales and sales expenditure
    (B)   Sales Forecast and Expenses for advertisement
    (C)   Products likely to be sold and salesmanship
    (D)   All of the above

18   Indirect tax includes-
    (A)   a) Excise Duty, Custom Duty and VAT
    (B)   b) Income Tax
    (C)   c) Wealth tax
    (D)   d) Gift Tax

19   Canons of Taxation should have-
    (A)   Equity and Economy
    (B)   Certainty and Convenience
    (C)   A and B Both
    (D)   None of these

20   Identify the type of budget to be filled in at the blank space provided in budget sheet.
    (A)   a) Production Budget
    (B)   b) Sales Budget
    (C)   c) Financial Budget
    (D)   d) None of these

21   Identify the functions of Material Management-
    (A)   a) Material Planning and Scheduling
    (B)   b) Purchasing and subcontracting
    (C)   c)Warehousing and Material Handling
    (D)   d) All of the above

22   In ABC Analysis which of the following inventory needs full record -keeping treatment and a religious observation on stock positions of these items?
    (A)   a) C
    (B)   b) A
    (C)   c)B
    (D)   d) a and b both

23   In an automobile industry the various items are classified into ‘A’,’B’ and ‘C’. In which item A needs full record keeping, item B needs medium record keeping treatment whereas item C may not require much record keeping. In this system of inventory control the material is divided into A, B, and C on the basis of-
    (A)   a) Material Quantity
    (B)   b) Re order level of each material
    (C)   c) Consumption value of material
    (D)   d) All of the above

24   Which of the following is constituent of Total Quality Management?
    (A)   Orderliness and Punctuality
    (B)   Quality of Inventory
    (C)   TPM
    (D)   None of the above

25   Which of the following refers to a solution of efficient knowledge Management?
    (A)   5S
    (B)   Six Sigma
    (C)   Kaizen
    (D)   All of the above

26   An organization need a documented procedure to control quality documents. In that case everyone must access to up -to-date documents and be aware of how to use them, is a clause –
    (A)   Factory Act
    (B)   ISO: 9001
    (C)   Minimum Wages Act
    (D)   Workmen’s Compensation Act

27   Which of the following is not a part of process industry?
    (A)   Base metals
    (B)   plastics
    (C)   Automobiles
    (D)   petroleum

28   Laying out plants, designing and manufacturing machines for industry is done by —– engineering industry
    (A)   Industrial
    (B)   civil
    (C)   mechanical
    (D)   chemical

29   The significant activities of management are —–
    (A)   Coordinating
    (B)   Decision making
    (C)   motivating
    (D)   All of the above

30   Scientific management is one of the areas of school
    (A)   Behavioral school
    (B)   systems school
    (C)   Classical school
    (D)   None of the above

31   The number of people working at the lower level is than that of higher level
    (A)   More
    (B)   Equal
    (C)   Less
    (D)   depends on the type of organization

32   Duties of administration are —–
    (A)   Policy making
    (B)   Decision making
    (C)   Making necessary
    (D)   All of the above

33   Quality of leadership is —–
    (A)   Forward-looking
    (B)   Intelligent
    (C)   Honest
    (D)   All of the above

34   Organization has following characteristics
    (A)   Group is leaded by executive leader
    (B)   Important tool of management is organization
    (C)   small or large group of people
    (D)   All of the above

35   Organization can be defined as —–
    (A)   Establishing relationship for the purpose of enabling people to work most effectively together in accomplishing objectives
    (B)   The process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed
    (C)   Defining and delegating responsibility and authority
    (D)   All of the above

36   The makes a combination of the line organization with the staff departments that helps and advice line departments
    (A)   Line organization
    (B)   Line and staff organization
    (C)   Functional organization
    (D)   All of the above

37   The partner who contributes capital, shares profit and losses of the firm but does not contribute in day-to-day activities or affairs of the firm is called —–
    (A)   Nominal Partner
    (B)   Minor Partner
    (C)   Sleeping Partner
    (D)   Secret Partner

38   The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is —–
    (A)   Government departments
    (B)   public companies
    (C)   public corporations
    (D)   All of the above

39   Company “X” has limited number of shareholders and the scope of business is limited whereas company “Y” has unlimited number of shareholders and has a huge scope of business. So “Y” comes under which category?
    (A)   Joint stock private ltd. Company
    (B)   Ownership Company
    (C)   Cooperative organization
    (D)   Joint stock public ltd. Company

40   Which out of the following is not a mechanical factor or cause of accidents?
    (A)   non-use of safety devices.
    (B)   leaking acid valve.
    (C)   protruding nails
    (D)   broken safety guards

41   —– = Total current assets – Total current liabilities
    (A)   Gross working capital
    (B)   Net working capital
    (C)   Permanent working capital
    (D)   Temporary working capital

42   The depends upon the ability to perfect income, sales or shipments with at least a no provision is made for any changes may occur during period.
    (A)   Fixed budget
    (B)   Variable budget
    (C)   functional budget
    (D)   All of the above

43   What comes in the empty box?
    (A)   Retained earnings
    (B)   Short term source of finance
    (C)   Personal funds
    (D)   Fixed Assets

44   All the person working in the organization (including managers & Workers) Should be involved in operation
    (A)   MRP
    (B)   TQM
    (C)   Globalization
    (D)   EOQ

45   Quality is a relative term & is used with reference to the end use of
    (A)   Product
    (B)   Quantity
    (C)   ERP
    (D)   MRP

46   Inventory consist of
    (A)   Raw material
    (B)   Work in Progress
    (C)   Finished Products
    (D)   All

47   A medium to long term debt instrument bearing fixed interest issued by a company is referred to as –.
    (A)   Shares
    (B)   Debentures
    (C)   Fixed Deposit
    (D)   All

48   Tax charged by insurance company on policy is
    (A)   Income Tax
    (B)   Works Tax
    (C)   Service Tax
    (D)   Excise Duty

49   Tax being charged on value addition are called
    (A)   Custom Duty
    (B)   Sales Tax
    (C)   VAT
    (D)   All

50   Custom Duty, Import Duty, or Export Tax is a part of
    (A)   Direct Tax
    (B)   Indirect Tax
    (C)   Fixed Capital
    (D)   Working Capital

51   Inventory belongs to
    (A)   Fixed Capital
    (B)   Working Capital
    (C)   Fixed Liability
    (D)   None

52   Machinery Head belongs to
    (A)   Fixed Capital
    (B)   Working Capital
    (C)   Fixed Liability
    (D)   None

53   Safety in an industry is the responsibility of
    (A)   Manager
    (B)   Works Manager
    (C)   Workers
    (D)   all of the above

54   Irregular Salary to the employees comes under which act
    (A)   Minimum Wage Act
    (B)   Indian Factory Act
    (C)   Workmen’s Compensation
    (D)   All

55   Which is not included in the cause of accident due to management
    (A)   Bad construction of Plant
    (B)   Untrained Workers
    (C)   Bad habit of workers
    (D)   Faulty Equipment

56   No. of Subordinates handled by one manager effectively termed as
    (A)   Span of Control
    (B)   Responsibility
    (C)   Authority
    (D)   Delegation of Authority

57   Which one is an example of Co-operative Company?
    (A)   Reliance Industries Ltd.,
    (B)   Amul Dairy Ind.
    (C)   Samsung India Ltd.
    (D)   All

58   In which type of company, the liabilities are limited
    (A)   Proprietorship
    (B)   Partnership
    (C)   Joint Stock Company
    (D)   All

59   Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Supervision is a function of
    (A)   Control
    (B)   Organizing
    (C)   Co-ordinating
    (D)   Directing

60   Following is not the Principle of Management
    (A)   Authority
    (B)   Discipline
    (C)   Equity
    (D)   Planning

61   Chief Executive Officer has
    (A)   More Authority & More Responsibility
    (B)   More Authority & less Responsibility
    (C)   less Authority & More Responsibility
    (D)   less Authority & less Responsibility

62   Defining a problem is a first step of
    (A)   Decision Making
    (B)   Organizing
    (C)   Planning
    (D)   Directing

63   Function of Management does not include
    (A)   Planning
    (B)   Organizing
    (C)   Co-ordination
    (D)   Observation

64   Dr. MacGregor is famous for
    (A)   Theory X and Theory Y
    (B)   Productivity Theory
    (C)   Co-ordinated work theory
    (D)   Task & Bonus Theory

65   Trading business means
    (A)   Buying a Raw Material
    (B)   Selling a finished Goods
    (C)   Buying goods & selling them without any processing
    (D)   All

66   LPG Stands for
    (A)   Liquid Petroleum Gas
    (B)   Privatization, Globalization Policy
    (C)   Liquid Petrol & Gas
    (D)   None

67   People of entire world are unified into a single society and function together
    (A)   Nationalism
    (B)   Globalization
    (C)   Industrialization
    (D)   All

68   Total Quality Management mean
    (A)   Improves Reputation
    (B)   Higher employee morale
    (C)   Lower Cost
    (D)   All

69   In Six Sigma Quality Improvement Programme as the Level of Sigma increases defect rate will
    (A)   Increases
    (B)   Decreases
    (C)   Not dependent
    (D)   None

70   Which of the following are main element of quality?
    (A)   Quality of design
    (B)   Quality of performance
    (C)   Quality of products
    (D)   Quality circle

71   RBI stands for
    (A)   Reserved bank of India
    (B)   Recessive bank of India
    (C)   Retail Bureau of India
    (D)   Reserve bank of India

72   ABC Company is a time-sharing company, means they are into —– business.
    (A)   Hospitality
    (B)   Banking
    (C)   Health care
    (D)   Service

73   Ministry of Human resource Development is a part of sector.
    (A)   IT
    (B)   Service
    (C)   Trade
    (D)   Engineering

74   Management is —–
    (A)   Science
    (B)   Art
    (C)   Profession
    (D)   All of the above

75   Vice President -Production will come in —– level of
    (A)   Top
    (B)   Middle
    (C)   Lower
    (D)   Top -Middle

76   Board of Directors are a part of —–
    (A)   Authority
    (B)   Controlling
    (C)   Management
    (D)   Administration

77   XYZ company says “we are an equal opportunity employer for progress of society and employees”, means they follow
    (A)   Esprit De Corps
    (B)   Unity of Direction
    (C)   Team work
    (D)   Equity

78   All-rounders are seen in
    (A)   Line organization
    (B)   Partnership
    (C)   Line and Staff Organization
    (D)   Project Organization

79   Specialist are seen in
    (A)   Line organization
    (B)   Joint Stock Company
    (C)   Line and Staff Organization
    (D)   Project Organization

80   PQR Company produces shampoos of various fragrances. Hence their departmentation will be by —–
    (A)   Function
    (B)   Product
    (C)   Process
    (D)   Function and Process

81   Mr. Y is a partner in MZ firm. He is always ready to provide finance, but never contributes in decision making process. But legally is bound in case any legal action is been taken on the firm. Hence, he is partner
    (A)   Lazy
    (B)   Active
    (C)   Sleeping
    (D)   Non-working

82   Factories act came into force from —–
    (A)   1948
    (B)   1949
    (C)   1976
    (D)   1st April 1949

83   If a factory employs more than1000 workers, it should appoint a qualified to carry out prescribed duties.
    (A)   safety officers
    (B)   welfare officer
    (C)   security officer
    (D)   None of the above

84   Patents are a form of —–
    (A)   Working capital
    (B)   Fixed Capital
    (C)   None of the following
    (D)   Net working Capital

85   CBEC stands for —–
    (A)   Central Board of Exact and Customs
    (B)   Control Board of Excise and Customs
    (C)   Central Board of Excise and Customs
    (D)   Central Board of Excise and Customers

86   Assets are preferably seen in —–
    (A)   Budget
    (B)   Balance Sheet
    (C)   Profit and Loss statement
    (D)   Production Budget

87   —– is a multi-point system of taxing
    (A)   VAT
    (B)   Income tax
    (C)   Customs Duty
    (D)   Excise Tax

88   If the fixed monthly income of Mr. Kiran is Rs. 50,000. Mr. Kiran is of age 62years.Hence he will pay income tax of —–
    (A)   Rs.120000
    (B)   Rs. 70000
    (C)   Rs. 350000
    (D)   Rs. 50000

89   BOM needed in materials management stands for —–
    (A)   Bill of Machines
    (B)   Bill of Materials
    (C)   Business of materials
    (D)   Bill of Money

90   Carrying cost means —–
    (A)   Inventory Maintaining cost
    (B)   Storage cost
    (C)   Interest on the capital invested in the inventory
    (D)   All of the above

91   The optimum quantity of orders that minimizes the inventory carrying cost and ordering cost is given by technique
    (A)   MRP
    (B)   ERP
    (C)   EOQ
    (D)   ABC

92   An ERP can have the following modules
    (A)   Human Resource
    (B)   Customer Relationship Management
    (C)   Supply Chain Management
    (D)   All of the above

93   Primaware is power company having global presence and good business. As a consultant to the company for better material management you will suggest —–
    (A)   MRP
    (B)   TQM
    (C)   ERP
    (D)   BOM

94   QC stands for —–
    (A)   Quality Control
    (B)   Quality Circle
    (C)   Quantity Control
    (D)   Quality Core

95   Aspects of quality —–
    (A)   Good design
    (B)   Good Functionality
    (C)   After sales services
    (D)   All of the above

96   Right at first time means
    (A)   Six Sigma
    (B)   TQM
    (C)   Quality Assurance
    (D)   Quality

97   In KAIZEN “KAI” means
    (A)   Good design
    (B)   Good
    (C)   Change
    (D)   Change for Good

98   Goods or cash invested to generate income from business or property is /are
    (A)   Finance
    (B)   Capital
    (C)   Liabilities
    (D)   Budget

99   Minimum wages act was passed in the year:
    (A)   1923
    (B)   1936
    (C)   1961
    (D)   1948

100   Safety provision/s for workers under Factory act 1948 is/are
    (A)   First-aid appliances
    (B)   Overcrowding
    (C)   improper ventilation and temperature
    (D)   None of the above

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