Microprocessors (MIC)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   The instruction that is used to transfer the data from source operand to destination operand is
    (A)   Data copy/transfer instructions
    (B)   Branch instruction
    (C)   Arithmetic /logical instruction
    (D)   String instructions

2   The instruction that is used for finding out the codes in case of code conversion problem is
    (A)   XCHG
    (B)   XLAT
    (C)   XOR
    (D)   JCXL

3   Which segment register is being used in the given instruction MOV CX, SS:(BX)
    (A)   ES
    (B)   Cs
    (C)   Ss
    (D)   None of the above

4   Which addressing mode is being used in the given instruction MOVAX, (1234H)
    (A)   Base addressing mode
    (B)   Immediate addressing mode
    (C)   Register addressing mode
    (D)   Direct addressing mode

5   The mnemonic that is placed before the arithmetic operation is performed is
    (A)   AAA
    (B)   AAS
    (C)   AAM
    (D)   AAP

6   In 8086 microprocessor the following has the highest priority among all type interrupts
    (A)   NMI
    (B)   DIV0
    (C)   TYPE255
    (D)   OVERFLOW

7   What is DEN
    (A)   direct enable
    (B)   Data entered
    (C)   Data enable
    (D)   Data encoding

8   The –———is used to connect more microprocessor
    (A)   Peripheral device
    (B)   Cascade
    (C)   I/O devices
    (D)   Control unit

9   INC destination increments the content of destination by——
    (A)   1
    (B)   2
    (C)   30
    (D)   41

10   The DS is called as
    (A)   Data segment
    (B)   Digital segment
    (C)   Divide segment
    (D)   Decode segment

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