Power Plant Engineering (PPE)



1   Which is the major energy source to meet the Indian energy demand?
    (A)   Coal
    (B)   Oil
    (C)   Natural gas
    (D)   Lignite

2   Which country has the biggest coal reserves?
    (A)   Russia
    (B)   US
    (C)   China
    (D)   India

3   The amount of electrical energy that can be generated by a hydroelectric power plantdepends upon
    (A)   Head of water
    (C)   Quantity of water
    (D)   Specific weight of water
    (B)   Efficiency of Alternator

4   Which of the following is not an advantage of a hydroelectric power plant?
    (A)   No fuel requirement
    (B)   Low running cost
    (C)   Continuous power source
    (D)   No standby losses

5   The diesel plants are mainly used
    (A)   As peak load plants
    (B)   As base load plants.
    (C)   As standby power plants
    (D)   Both peak and stand by plants

6   What is the ranging capability of the diesel plant?
    (A)   50 – 750 kW
    (B)   100 – 1175 kW
    (C)   75 – 3750 kW
    (D)   150 – 4575 kW

7   Which of the following is the advantage of the diesel power station
    (A)   Lubrication
    (B)   Power quantity
    (C)   Cost
    (D)   Emergency utilization

8   In a thermal power plant, which of its following components needs maximummaintenance attention
    (A)   Steam turbine
    (B)   Super heater
    (C)   Boiler
    (D)   Condenser

9   What type of boiler is a Lamont boiler?
    (A)   Forced circulation
    (B)   Natural circulation
    (C)   Over-through
    (D)   Positive forced circulation

10   What type of steam is generated by the evaporator tube of the Lamont boiler?
    (A)   Saturated steam
    (B)   Unsaturated steam
    (C)   Superheated steam
    (D)   Flash steam

11   What type of boiler is a Benson boiler?
    (A)   Super critical boiler
    (B)   Fire tube boiler
    (C)   Natural circulation boiler
    (D)   Over-through boiler

12   The following are the fire tube boilers except
    (A)   Cochran
    (B)   Lancashire
    (C)   Locomotive
    (D)   Babcock and Wilcox

13   The following boiler makes use of pressurized combustion
    (A)   Velox
    (C)   Benson
    (D)   Loeffler
    (B)   Lamont

14   FBC boiler is having the advantage of
    (A)   Burning high quality coal
    (B)   Burning variety liquid fuels
    (C)   Burning wide variety of coal
    (D)   None of the above

15   The efficiency of the power plant improves with
    (A)   Increase quality of coal burning
    (B)   Larger quantity of coal used
    (C)   Lower load in the plant
    (D)   Use of high steam pressure

16   What is the air standard cycle for a Gas-Turbine called?
    (A)   Reheat cycle
    (B)   Rankine cycle
    (C)   Brayton cycle
    (D)   Diesel cycle

17   Which type of compressor is used in a gas turbine plant?
    (A)   Reciprocating compressor
    (B)   Screw compressor
    (C)   Multistage axial flow compressor
    (D)   Either Reciprocating compressor & Screw compressor

18   The gas turbine power plant mainly uses which among the following fuels?
    (A)   Coal and Peat
    (B)   Kerosene oil and diesel oil and residual oil
    (C)   Natural gas and liquid petroleum fuels oil
    (D)   Gas oil

19   What kind of energy output is obtained from a ‘Steam Power Plant’?
    (A)   Heat energy
    (B)   Sound energy
    (C)   Electricity
    (D)   Thermal energy

20   What are the components of a Steam Power Plant?
    (A)   Evaporator, Condenser, Boiler, Expansion valve
    (B)   Evaporator, Condenser, Boiler, Turbine
    (C)   Boiler, Turbine, Condenser, Pump
    (D)   Boiler, Turbine, Pump, Expansion valve

21   The height of the chimney in a steam power plant is governed by
    (A)   Flue gases quantity
    (B)   The draught to be produced
    (C)   Control of pollution
    (D)   Corner of power plant

22   Working of the Steam power station is based on
    (A)   Thomsan Cycle
    (B)   Rankine cycle
    (C)   Raphson method
    (D)   Thevenin law

23   Overall efficiency of the steam power station is
    (A)   Less than 50%
    (C)   50-60%
    (D)   60-64%
    (B)   More than 64%

24   Which one of the following is a high-temperature heat recovery device?
    (A)   Regenerator
    (B)   Heat pump
    (C)   Heat wheel
    (D)   Heat pipe

25   Which material is used to control SO2 emissions in FBC boilers
    (A)   CaO
    (B)   Lime stone
    (C)   Silica
    (D)   Sand

26   Desirable boiler water pH should be?
    (A)   05-Jul
    (B)   07-Sep
    (C)   09-Nov
    (D)   None of the above

27   ________________is defined as the sequential generation of two different forms ofuseful energy from a single primary energy source, typically mechanical and thermalenergy.
    (A)   Cogeneration
    (B)   Trigeneration
    (C)   Combination of above
    (D)   None of the above

28   In a_______________, the fuel supplied is used to the first production of power andthen thermal energy, which is the byproduct of the cycle and is used to satisfy processheat or other thermal requirements.
    (A)   Topping cycle
    (B)   Bottoming cycle
    (C)   Rankinecyle
    (D)   Diesel cycle

29   In a_________________, the primary fuel produces high-temperature thermal energy,and the heat rejected from the process is used to generate power through a recoveryboiler and a turbine generator.
    (A)   Topping cycle
    (B)   Bottoming cycle
    (C)   Rankinecyle
    (D)   Diesel cycle

30   Cost of nuclear fuel in nuclear power plant economics is considered as
    (A)   Running cost
    (B)   Maintenance cost
    (C)   Capital cost
    (D)   Development cost

31   The land area required for the installation of the nuclear power plant is
    (A)   More than thermal power plant
    (B)   Less than thermal power plant
    (C)   Equal to thermal power plant
    (D)   Depends on type of construction

32   In all plant minimum quality of fuel is required in
    (A)   Thermal power plant
    (B)   Hydroelectric power plant
    (C)   Nuclear power plant
    (D)   Gas turbine plant

33   Reflectors in the nuclear power plant is made up of
    (A)   Boron
    (C)   Cast iron
    (D)   Beryllium
    (B)   Steel

34   In the nuclear fission reactions_____isotope of uranium is used
    (A)   U238
    (B)   U235
    (C)   U233
    (D)   None of the above

35   ___________is the most commonly used moderator
    (A)   Graphite
    (B)   Sodium
    (C)   Deuterium
    (D)   Heavy water

36   Depreciation charges are high in case of
    (A)   Thermal plant
    (B)   Diesel plant
    (C)   Hydroelectric plant
    (D)   Nuclear plant

37   The area under the load curve represents
    (A)   The average load on power system
    (B)   Maximum demand
    (C)   Number of units generated
    (D)   Load factor

38   During which time the demand for electrical energy is maximum?
    (A)   2 A.M. to 5 A.M.
    (B)   5 A.M. to 12 P.M.
    (C)   12 P.M. to 7 P.M.
    (D)   7 P.M. to 9 P.M

39   What is the Demand factor?
    (A)   Ratio of connected load to maximum demand
    (B)   Ratio of average load to connected load
    (C)   Ratio of maximum demand to the connected load
    (D)   Ratio of kilowatt hour consumed to 24 hours

40   The load factor is
    (A)   Always less than unity
    (B)   Less than or greater than 1
    (C)   Always greater than 1
    (D)   Less than zero