Traffic Engineering (TEN)



Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
1   What is the most important objective of traffic engineering?
    (A)   To consider pedestrians as obstruction
    (B)   To reduce the accidents
    (C)   To increase the traffic
    (D)   To provide a high-speed road without any other priority

2   The hearing, visibility and reaction time are covered in which type of factors?
    (A)   Physical
    (B)   Mental
    (C)   Psychological
    (D)   Environmental

3   What is the first stage in traffic engineering studies?
    (A)   Traffic volume studies
    (B)   Spot speed studies
    (C)   Speed and delay studies
    (D)   Origin and destination studies

4   Which of the following method is more accurate for traffic analysis?
    (A)   Manual count
    (B)   Automatic count
    (C)   Average of manual and Automatic
    (D)   Past record data

5   The speed at any instant of time is called
    (A)   Running Speed
    (B)   Travel speed
    (C)   Spot speed
    (D)   Traffic speed

6   The vehicles per unit length at any instant of time is called as
    (A)   Density
    (B)   Jam Density
    (C)   Maximum density
    (D)   Traffic flow

7   The symbol when violated which may lead to offense is?
    (A)   Cautionary
    (B)   Mandatory
    (C)   Informatory
    (D)   Both informatory and cautionary

8   The clearance time is indicated by
    (A)   Red
    (B)   Green
    (C)   White
    (D)   Amber

9   Give way sign is of
    (A)   Triangular shape
    (B)   Circular shape
    (C)   Octagonal shape
    (D)   Hexagonal shape

10   STOP sign is having
    (A)   Triangular shape
    (B)   Circular shape
    (C)   Octagonal shape
    (D)   Any shape

11   Which of the following roads are congested during peak hours?
    (A)   Rural roads
    (B)   Urban roads
    (C)   Highways
    (D)   Express ways

12   The traffic that is prepared based on 365 days of the year is called
    (A)   Yearly traffic
    (B)   Annual average daily traffic
    (C)   Average daily traffic
    (D)   Average yearly traffic

13   Gross weight, axle and wheel loads of vehicle govern the
    (A)   Width of Pavement
    (B)   Thickness of Pavement
    (C)   Structural design of Pavement and cross drainage structure
    (D)   Traffic junctions

14   The stability of a vehicle is influenced by
    (A)   Width of wheel base only
    (B)   Width of wheel base and height of gravity
    (C)   Height of gravity only
    (D)   Length of vehicle only

15   The outgoing and incoming traffic are counted at
    (A)   Traffic intersections
    (B)   Highways
    (C)   Urban roads
    (D)   Traffic symbols

16   Which of the following does not affect traffic flow?
    (A)   Vehicles travelling at speed
    (B)   Length of the vehicle
    (C)   Weather conditions
    (D)   Geometric design

17   To reduce the conflict s which method is preferable
    (A)   Restricting the entry in one side
    (B)   Widening of the roads
    (C)   Use of traffic signals
    (D)   Diverting the traffic

18   Which one of the following is not a regulatory sign?
    (A)   No U-turn
    (B)   Overtaking prohibited
    (C)   School zone
    (D)   No parking

19   Which one of the following is not a warning sign?
    (A)   No entry
    (B)   Curve ahead
    (C)   U-turn
    (D)   Narrow bridge ahead

20   A basic requirement of intersection at grade is
    (A)   the relative angle of approach should be high
    (B)   it should clearly guide the driver
    (C)   the area of conflict should be small
    (D)   the relative speed should be high

21   One of the disadvantages of traffic signals is
    (A)   Provide orderly moment at intersection
    (B)   The quality of the traffic flow improves
    (C)   Traffic handling capacity increases
    (D)   The rear end collision increases

22   Which instrument is used in measurement of spot speed?
    (A)   Enoscope
    (B)   Monoscope
    (C)   Denoscope
    (D)   all of the above

23   Give name of traffic control devices
    (A)   Signs
    (B)   Signals
    (C)   marking
    (D)   all of the above

24   As per IRC: 67: 2001, a traffic sign indicating the Speed Limit on a road should be of
    (A)   Circular Shape with white Background and Red Border
    (B)   Triangular Shape with White Background and Red Border
    (C)   Triangular Shape with Red Background and White Border
    (D)   Circular Shape with Red Background and White Border

25   The reaction time of driver considered in SSD is
    (A)   1.5 sec
    (B)   2 sec
    (C)   2.5 sec
    (D)   3.0 sec

26   As per IRC maximum width of vehicle should be
    (A)   2.44 m
    (B)   2.0 m
    (C)   3.8 m
    (D)   1.58 m

27   For highway geometric design purposes, the speed used is
    (A)   15th percentile
    (B)   50th percentile
    (C)   85th percentile
    (D)   98th percentile

28   Warning signs in urban areas are located at ______ distance?
    (A)   25 m
    (B)   50 m
    (C)   75 m
    (D)   100 m

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