Basic Electronics (BEC)


Multiple Choice Questions

1   Find out odd one
    (A)   Inductor
    (B)   Capacitor
    (C)   Transistor
    (D)   Resistor

2   Color code for 2.7k ohm resistance with 5 % tolerance is
    (A)   Orange violet Red Silver
    (B)   Red Violet Red Gold
    (C)   Orange Violet Orange Silver
    (D)   Red Violet Orange Gold

3   Color code for 3.6 microfarad capacitance is
    (A)   Orange Blue Green
    (B)   Orange Blue Blue
    (C)   Orange Violet Green
    (D)   Orange Violet Blue

4   Find Resistance value of resistor having color code as Blue Green Orange
    (A)   6.7k ohm
    (B)   6.7 M ohm
    (C)   6700 ohm
    (D)   670 ohm

5   Transistor and transformer are ________electronics components respectively
    (A)   Passive and active
    (B)   Active and active
    (C)   Passive and passive
    (D)   Active and passive

6   The current of an ideal current source is
    (A)   Zero
    (B)   Constant
    (C)   Load resistance dependent
    (D)   Internal resistance dependent

7   The unit of electrical Inductance is
    (A)   Farad
    (B)   Amp
    (C)   Ohm
    (D)   Henry

8   In electrical circuits, when capacitors are connected in parallel resultant capacitance will
    (A)   Decrease
    (B)   Remains constant
    (C)   Increase
    (D)   Can’t say

9   If the peak-to-peak voltage is 5V, 1 MHz, calculate the peak voltage and time period
    (A)   5V,1uS
    (B)   2.5V,1uS
    (C)   2.5V,0.5uS
    (D)   5V,0.5uS

10   DIP package of IC stands for
    (A)   Dual India package
    (B)   Dead Inline Package
    (C)   Dual Inline Package
    (D)   None of the above

11   In a semiconductor which of the following carriers can contribute to the current?
    (A)   Electrons
    (B)   Holes
    (C)   Both
    (D)   None

12   Which of the following semiconductor is pure?
    (A)   Intrinsic
    (B)   Extrinsic
    (C)   Compound
    (D)   Elemental

13   Identify the correct condition for a semiconductor to be electrically neutral.
    (A)   Nd+p=Na+n
    (B)   Nd-p=Na+n
    (C)   Nd+p=Na-n
    (D)   Nd-p=Na-n

14   The reverse current in a diode is of the order of ……………….
    (A)   kA
    (B)   mA
    (C)   μA
    (D)   A

15   The forward voltage drop across a Ge diode is about …………………
    (A)   0.7V
    (B)   0.5V
    (C)   0.3V
    (D)   1.5V

16   If the doping level in a crystal diode is increased, the width of depletion layer……….
    (A)   remains the same
    (B)   is decreased
    (C)   in increased
    (D)   none of the above

17   A Zener diode is used as ……………
    (A)   an amplifier
    (B)   a voltage attenuator
    (C)   a rectifier
    (D)   a voltage stabilizer

18   IC stands for
    (A)   Integrated Capacitors
    (B)   Indian Circuits
    (C)   Integrated Circuits
    (D)   Indian Codes

19   PN Junction diode can be configured in below ways
    (A)   1
    (B)   2
    (C)   3
    (D)   4

20   Sb atom is an impurity
    (A)   Trivalent
    (B)   Pentavalent
    (C)   Tetravalent
    (D)   Extrinsic

21   Potential Barrier at depletion layer is increases by
    (A)   Increasing Forward voltage
    (B)   Increasing Unbiased voltage
    (C)   Increasing Reverse voltage
    (D)   None of the above

22   In PN junction Diode Depletion layer width is
    (A)   Increases by increasing Forward voltage
    (B)   Increases by Increasing Unbiased voltage
    (C)   Decrease by increasing Reverse voltage
    (D)   None of the above

23   No of diodes used in Bridge rectifier
    (A)   1
    (B)   2
    (C)   3
    (D)   4

24   Rectifier converts
    (A)   DC to DC voltage
    (B)   DC to AC voltage
    (C)   AC to DC voltage
    (D)   None of the above

25   Doping process is used in
    (A)   Intrinsic semiconductor
    (B)   Extrinsic semiconductor
    (C)   Pure semiconductor
    (D)   None of the above

26   Which of the following is true for the active region of an NPN transistor?
    (A)   The collector current is directly proportional to the base current
    (B)   The potential difference between the emitter and the collector is less than 0.4 V
    (C)   All of the mentioned
    (D)   None of the mentioned

27   Which of the following is true for a pnp transistor in saturation region?
    (A)   CB junction is reversed bias and the EB junction is forward bias
    (B)   CB junction is forward bias and the EB junction is forward bias
    (C)   CB junction is forward bias and the EB junction is reverse bias
    (D)   CB junction is reversed bias and the EB junction is reverse bias

28   A transistor has how many doped regions?
    (A)   1
    (B)   2
    (C)   3
    (D)   4

29   If the base current is 1 mA and the current gain is 30, the collector current is
    (A)   30 mA
    (B)   3:00 am
    (C)   3.33 mA
    (D)   10mA

30   A transistor has …………………
    (A)   one PN junction
    (B)   two PN junctions
    (C)   three PN junctions
    (D)   four PN junctions

31   The base of a transistor is …………. doped
    (A)   heavily
    (B)   moderately
    (C)   lightly
    (D)   none of the above

32   The terminal part that has the largest size in a transistor is
    (A)   collector
    (B)   base
    (C)   emitter
    (D)   collector-base-junction

33   In a transistor, IC = 50 mA and IE = 51 mA. The value of β is
    (A)   100
    (B)   50
    (C)   about 1
    (D)   200

34   In a transistor, signal is transferred from a …………… circuit
    (A)   high resistance to low resistance
    (B)   low resistance to high resistance
    (C)   high resistance to high resistance
    (D)   low resistance to low resistance

35   If the value of α is 0.98, then value of β is ……….
    (A)   98
    (B)   0.98
    (C)   49
    (D)   0.49

36   MOSFET has three terminals, namely …………
    (A)   cathode, anode, grid
    (B)   emitter, base, collector
    (C)   source, gate, drain
    (D)   none of the above

37   MOSFET will more acts as a
    (A)   Resistor
    (B)   Inductor
    (C)   Capacitor
    (D)   Triode

38   A JFET is a ………… controlled device
    (A)   current
    (B)   voltage
    (C)   both current and voltage
    (D)   none of the above

39   The input impedance of a JFET is …………. that of an ordinary transistor
    (A)   equal to
    (B)   less than
    (C)   Just more than
    (D)   Very High

40   If the reverse bias on the gate of a JFET is increased, then width of the conducting channel …………
    (A)   is decreased
    (B)   is increased
    (C)   remains the same
    (D)   none of the above

41   D MOSFET can be operated with …………….
    (A)   negative gate voltage only
    (B)   positive gate voltage only
    (C)   positive as well as negative gate voltage
    (D)   none of the above

42   The major advantages of a JFET are ………….
    (A)   high input impedance and square-law property
    (B)   inexpensive and high output impedance
    (C)   low input impedance and high output impedance
    (D)   none of the above

43   For a given MOSFET, find the value of constant k if Vt=1 V, Vgs =3V, Id=3 mA
    (A)   0.75
    (B)   0.5
    (C)   7.5
    (D)   5

44   The total operating range of the transducer is called __________
    (A)   span
    (B)   threshold
    (C)   offset
    (D)   drift

45   Electrical transducers generate ________
    (A)   biological signals
    (B)   chemical signals
    (C)   physical signals
    (D)   electrical signals

46   Strain gauge measurement involves __________
    (A)   Wheatstone bridge
    (B)   Kelvin bridge
    (C)   De Sauty’s bridge
    (D)   Anderson bridge

47   Photovoltaic transduction involves ___________
    (A)   voltage generation heat
    (B)   voltage generation through sound
    (C)   voltage generation through light
    (D)   voltage generation current

48   A quartz crystal is an example of _________
    (A)   a chemical transducer
    (B)   a photoelectric transducer
    (C)   a photovoltaic transducer
    (D)   A piezoelectric transducer

49   Thermocouple is based on principal of
    (A)   Eddy current effect
    (B)   Seeback effect
    (C)   Gauge’s effect
    (D)   Gauss’s effect

50   LVDT is used for measurement of
    (A)   displacement
    (B)   velocity
    (C)   voltage
    (D)   power

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