Environmental Studies-8


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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   Abiotic environment does not include
    (A)   Air
    (B)   Water
    (C)   Soil
    (D)   Plants

2   Chief source of energy in environment is……
    (A)   Sun
    (B)   Fire
    (C)   Moon
    (D)   Stars

3   Which of the following is the example of impact of development activities on Hydrosphere?
    (A)   Air Pollution
    (B)   Soil Pollution
    (C)   Noise Pollution
    (D)   Water Pollution

4   Physical environment is also called as…
    (A)   Abiotic environment
    (B)   Biotic environment
    (C)   Man made environment
    (D)   Psychological environment

5   The term environment is derived from an old French word “enviro” means….
    (A)   Outside
    (B)   Inside
    (C)   Surroundings
    (D)   Biotic community

6   Which of the following is not a component of 4Rs?
    (A)   Reduce
    (B)   Resell
    (C)   Reuse
    (D)   Recover

7   Layer which saves life from harmful effects of UV radiations is known as
    (A)   Ozone Layer
    (B)   Alpha Layer
    (C)   Gama Layer
    (D)   Infra Red Layer

8   Greenhouse gases which is present in very high quantity is
    (A)   Prophen
    (B)   Ethane
    (C)   Carbon di-oxide
    (D)   Methane

9   71% of earth surface is covered with:
    (A)   Land
    (B)   Air
    (C)   Water
    (D)   Coal

10   Public awareness of environment creates ———————-
    (A)   Environment protection
    (B)   Environment degradation
    (C)   Environmental improvement
    (D)   Environmental cultivation

11   Major cause of Ozone depletion is due to which chemical?
    (A)   Chlorofluorocarbons
    (B)   Polyphenols
    (C)   Dioxins
    (D)   None of the above

12   The area where all the living organisms interact with each other and their environment is —————-
    (A)   Biosphere
    (B)   Exosphere
    (C)   Mesosphere
    (D)   None of the above

13   Acid rain contains…..
    (A)   Sulphuric acid
    (B)   Hydrochloric acid
    (C)   Oxalic acid
    (D)   Acetic acid

14   Conservation of soil and water is which type of function of forest resources?
    (A)   Productive
    (B)   Protective
    (C)   Regulative
    (D)   None

15   Which energy is converted into electrical energy by a solar cell?
    (A)   Chemical Energy
    (B)   Nuclear Energy
    (C)   Solar energy
    (D)   Magnetic Energy

16   When trees are cut, amount of oxygen………..
    (A)   Decreases
    (B)   Increases
    (C)   Both A and B
    (D)   Remains same

17   Renewable source of energy is_____
    (A)   Coal
    (B)   Petrol
    (C)   Plants
    (D)   Uranium

18   The term resource depletion is commonly associated with…….
    (A)   Water uses
    (B)   Fossil fuel consumption
    (C)   Trees and fishing
    (D)   All of the above

19   One of the Manmade Causes of Landslides is_________
    (A)   Rain
    (B)   Unsafe Mining Activities
    (C)   Cyclones
    (D)   Earthquakes

20   ___________is major driving force of all of our resource problems
    (A)   Overconsumption
    (B)   Population growth
    (C)   Wastage
    (D)   All the above

21   The wrong Agricultural practices contaminate the land resources and make it unsuitable for_______
    (A)   Residence
    (B)   Industrialization
    (C)   Crop production
    (D)   Landfill

22   The heat of the interior of the earth present at volcanic regions, geysers or hot springs is called as_____
    (A)   Tidal energy
    (B)   Solar energy
    (C)   Geothermal energy
    (D)   None of the above

23   At personal level how we conserve the energy?
    (A)   Switch off fans and lights when not in use
    (B)   Always switch on fans and lights
    (C)   Switch on street lights in day time
    (D)   Switch on energy appliances at public places

24   Resources that can be replenished naturally in the course of time are called ________
    (A)   Cyclic resources
    (B)   Renewable Resources
    (C)   Non-renewable Resources
    (D)   None

25   Dams are constructed across the river for generating ____
    (A)   Thermal power
    (B)   Wind power
    (C)   Tidal power
    (D)   Hydro electricity

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