Industrial Engineering and Quality Control (IEQ)-6

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

1   Chronocycle Graph was introduced by
    (A)   Frank B. Gilbreth
    (B)   Frederick Winslow Taylor
    (C)   Henry Gantt
    (D)   None of the above

2   ‘Simo’ stands for
    (A)   Single-motion cycle
    (B)   Same-motion cycle
    (C)   Simultaneous-motion cycle
    (D)   Synchronize-motion cycle

3   The success of a method study depends upon
    (A)   Accuracy
    (B)   Quality
    (C)   Productivity
    (D)   Time efficiency

4   The various recording techniques used in industrial engineering are
    (A)   Charts
    (B)   Diagrams
    (C)   Graphs
    (D)   All of the above

5   The portraying of the process in a process chart is done with the help of
    (A)   Tools
    (B)   Symbols
    (C)   Numeric data
    (D)   All of the above

6   Outline process chart is also known as
    (A)   Multiple process/activity chart
    (B)   Diagram process chart
    (C)   Operation process chart
    (D)   None of the above

7   Which are the types of flow process chart?
    (A)   Man, Element & Material
    (B)   Man, Equipment & Method
    (C)   Man, Element & Method
    (D)   Man, Equipment & Material

8   —— consists of a series of bars placed against a common time scal
    (A)   Flow process chart
    (B)   Outline process chart
    (C)   Multiple process/activity chart
    (D)   Two-hand process chart

9   The purpose of using a string is to measure the distance between the two movements.
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

10   Repetitive movement and too many paths makes the flow diagram congested and it becomes more easy to understand
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

11   In travel chart, the path is traced but the number of movement are not indicated
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

12   The travel chart is made using
    (A)   a square with arrows
    (B)   a square with smaller squares
    (C)   an arrow within a circle
    (D)   a circle followed by an arrow

13   In a travel chart each small square represents
    (A)   Work Methods
    (B)   Steps
    (C)   Work Time
    (D)   Work Stations

14   Within a travel chart, the use of bar chart is to represent
    (A)   The frequency of movement to and from the work station.
    (B)   The time consumed at the work stations.
    (C)   Both A and B
    (D)   None of the abov

15   In travel chart, the vertical bar chart represents
    (A)   Frequency of the movement at the work station
    (B)   Frequency of the movement to the work station
    (C)   Frequency of the movement from the work station
    (D)   None of the abov

16   In travel chart, the horizontal bar chart represents
    (A)   Frequency of the movement at the work station
    (B)   Frequency of the movement to the work station
    (C)   Frequency of the movement from the work station
    (D)   None of the abov

17   Simo chart is the graphical presentation of the micro motions of the (hand) limbs by the operator under study.
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

18   In Simo chart, the movement of each hand is recorded in same column.
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

19   String diagram is used when
    (A)   Team of workers is working at a place
    (B)   Material handling is to be done
    (C)   Idle time is to be reduced
    (D)   All of the above

20   Which of the following is a scale plan?
    (A)   String diagram
    (B)   Flow process chart
    (C)   Operation process chart
    (D)   All of the above

21   In method study, the technique used for recording path of movement of men and materials is
    (A)   flow diagram
    (B)   flow process chart
    (C)   outline process chart
    (D)   block diagram

22   In method study, string diagrams are used to record
    (A)   path of movement of men
    (B)   activities performed by worker’s two hands
    (C)   activities of men and machines
    (D)   sequence of activities performed on materials

23   All five charting symbols are used in
    (A)   outline process chart
    (B)   flow process chart
    (C)   SIMO chart
    (D)   multiple activity chart

24   String diagram is used for
    (A)   For checking the relative values of various layouts
    (B)   When a group of workers are working at a place
    (C)   Where processes require the operator to be moved from one work place to another
    (D)   All of the above

25   The elimination of which of the following will improve industrial productivity
    (A)   Excess time
    (B)   Ineffective time
    (C)   Both (A) and (B)
    (D)   None of the above

26   Which one of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of work and machine loading?
    (A)   Process chart
    (B)   Machine load chart
    (C)   Man-machine chart
    (D)   Gantt chart

27   Time study is carried out
    (A)   by finding all the significant information regarding the job, work place and machine tool etc.
    (B)   by breaking up each operation into small elements which are measurable with the help of the measuring device accurately
    (C)   by observing and recording the time taken by the operator for an operation
    (D)   all of the above

28   Work study is mainly aimed at
    (A)   determining the most efficient method of performing a job
    (B)   establishing the minimum time of completion of a job
    (C)   developing the standard method and standard time of a job
    (D)   economizing the motions involved on the part of the worker while performing a job

29   The correct order of procedure in method study is
    (A)   Select – Record – Examine – Develop – Define – Install – Maintain
    (B)   Select – Define – Examine – Develop – Record – Install – Maintain
    (C)   Select – Record – Develop – Examine – Define – Install – Maintain
    (D)   Select – Record – Examine – Define – Develop – Install – Maintain

30   Productivity is the ____ of production system.
    (A)   Measurement
    (B)   Efficiency
    (C)   Both (A) and (B)
    (D)   None of the above

31   Productivity can be measured in which of the following input resource(s)
    (A)   Material input
    (B)   Labour input
    (C)   Capital and Land Input
    (D)   All of the above

32   In outline process chart, the horizontal lines represents
    (A)   general flow of process
    (B)   materials being introduced
    (C)   both A and B
    (D)   None of the above

33   The following chart(s) record the movements
    (A)   operation process chart
    (B)   flow process chart
    (C)   both A and B
    (D)   none of the above

34   What is Industrial Engineering?
    (A)   No one can explain it because it is a wide scope and its existence is impossibl
    (B)   It concerns with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials and process.
    (C)   A branch of engineering that concerns with the implementation and evaluation of systems of people, knowledge, information, equipment, and process.
    (D)   A branch of management science deals with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people and money only.

35   Who among the following gurus is not founder of Scientific Management
    (A)   Frederick Taylor
    (B)   Henry Gantt
    (C)   Aristotle
    (D)   Lillian Gilbreth

36   Choose the wrong statement: Time study is used to
    (A)   Determine overhead expenses
    (B)   Provide a basis for setting piece prices or incentive wages
    (C)   Determine standard costs
    (D)   Determine the capability of an operator to handle the number of machine

37   Productivity is defined as:
    (A)   number of items manufactured per day
    (B)   output per man-hour of labour
    (C)   cost per day
    (D)   cost per unit

38   The chart which gives an estimate about the amount of materials handling between various work stations is known as
    (A)   flow chart
    (B)   process chart
    (C)   travel chart
    (D)   operation chart

39   Gantt chart gives information about
    (A)   scheduling and routing
    (B)   sales
    (C)   production schedule
    (D)   machine utilisation

40   The average time recorded by work study man for an operation is called
    (A)   standard time
    (B)   normal time
    (C)   representative time
    (D)   none of these

41   Standard time is equal to
    (A)   normal time minus allowances
    (B)   normal time plus allowances
    (C)   representative time multiplied by rating factor
    (D)   normal time taken by an operation

42   Micromotion study is
    (A)   analysis of one stage of motion chart
    (B)   motion study, when seen on a time chart
    (C)   subdivision of an operation into therbligs and their analysis
    (D)   enlarged view of motion study

43   Time study is used to
    (A)   determine standard costs
    (B)   determine the number of machines a person may run
    (C)   provide a basis for setting piece price or incentive wages
    (D)   all of the above

44   Which of the following charts are used for plant layout design?
    (A)   Operation process chart
    (B)   Man machine chart
    (C)   Travel chart
    (D)   all of these

45   Travel charts are used to
    (A)   analyse material handling
    (B)   determine inventory control difficulties
    (C)   plan material handling procedure and routes
    (D)   all of the above

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