Database Management System (DMS)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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1   A Database Management System (DBMS) is
    (A)   Collection of interrelated data
    (B)   Collection of programs to access data
    (C)   Collection of data describing one particular enterprise
    (D)   All of the above

2   Which of the following is not a level of data abstraction?
    (A)   Physical Level
    (B)   Critical Level
    (C)   Logical Level
    (D)   View Level

3   Disadvantages of File systems to store data is
    (A)   Data redundancy and inconsistency
    (B)   Difficulty in accessing data
    (C)   Data isolation
    (D)   All of the above

4   In an Entity-Relationship Diagram Rectangles represents
    (A)   Entity sets
    (B)   Attributes
    (C)   Database
    (D)   Tables

5   Which of the following is not a Storage Manager Component?
    (A)   Transaction Manager
    (B)   Logical Manager
    (C)   Buffer Manager
    (D)   File Manager

6   Data Manipulation Language enables users to
    (A)   Retrieval of information stored in database
    (B)   Insertion of new information into the database
    (C)   Deletion of information from the database
    (D)   All of the above

7   Which of the following is not a Schema?
    (A)   Database Schema
    (B)   Physical Schema
    (C)   Critical Schema
    (D)   Logical Schema

8   Which of the following is Database Language?
    (A)   Data Definition Language
    (B)   Data Manipulation Language
    (C)   Query Language
    (D)   All of the above

9   Which of the following in not a function of DBA?
    (A)   Network Maintenance
    (B)   Routine Maintenance
    (C)   Schema Definition
    (D)   Authorization for data access

10   Which of the following is a Data Model?
    (A)   Entity-Relationship model
    (B)   Relational data model
    (C)   Object-Based data model
    (D)   All of the above

11   Which of the following represents a relationship among a set of values?
    (A)   A Row
    (B)   A Table
    (C)   A Field
    (D)   A Column

12   Column header is refer as
    (A)   Table
    (B)   Relation
    (C)   Attributes
    (D)   Domain

13   A Relation is a
    (A)   Subset of a Cartesian product of a list of attributes
    (B)   Subset of a Cartesian product of a list of domains
    (C)   Subset of a Cartesian product of a list of tuple
    (D)   Subset of a Cartesian product of a list of relations

14   In mathematical term Table is referred as
    (A)   Relation
    (B)   Attribute
    (C)   Tuple
    (D)   Domain

15   In mathematical term Row is referred as
    (A)   Relation
    (B)   Attribute
    (C)   Tuple
    (D)   Domain

16   _______ allow us to identify uniquely a tuple in the relation.
    (A)   Super key
    (B)   Domain
    (C)   Attribute
    (D)   Schema

17   Minimal Super keys are called
    (A)   Schema keys
    (B)   Candidate keys
    (C)   Domain keys
    (D)   Attribute keys

18   Which of the following is not Modification of the Database?
    (A)   Deletion
    (B)   Insertion
    (C)   Sorting
    (D)   Updating

19   Which of the following is Relation-algebra Operation?
    (A)   Select
    (B)   Union
    (C)   Rename
    (D)   All of the above

20   Which of the following in not Outer join?
    (A)   Left outer join
    (B)   Right outer join
    (C)   Full outer join
    (D)   All of the above

21   Who proposed the relational model?
    (A)   Bill Gates
    (B)   E.F. Codd
    (C)   Herman Hollerith
    (D)   Charles Babbage

22   Set of permitted values of each attribute is called
    (A)   Domain
    (B)   Tuple
    (C)   Relation
    (D)   Schema

23   Which of the following is true regarding Null Value?
    (A)   Null = 0
    (B)   Null <0
    (C)   Null> 0
    (D)   Null<>0

24   Logical design of database is called
    (A)   Database Instance
    (B)   Database Snapshot
    (C)   Database Schema
    (D)   All of the above

25   Snapshot of the dta in the database at a given instant of time is called
    (A)   Database Schema
    (B)   Database Instance
    (C)   Database Snapshot
    (D)   All of the above

26   Which of the following is not Unary operation?
    (A)   Select
    (B)   Project
    (C)   Rename
    (D)   Union

27   Which of the following is not binary operation?
    (A)   Union
    (B)   Project
    (C)   Set Difference
    (D)   Cartesian product

28   Which of the following is correct regarding Aggregate functions?
    (A)   It takes a list of values and returns a single values as result
    (B)   It takes a list of values and returns a list of values as result
    (C)   It takes a single value and returns a list of values as result
    (D)   It takes a single value and returns a single value as result

29   The Primary key must be
    (A)   Non Null
    (B)   Unique
    (C)   Option A or B
    (D)   Option A and B

30   A command to remove a relation from an SQL database
    (A)   Delete table
      (B)   Drop table
      (C)   Erase table
      (D)   Alter table

    31   Which of the following is not an Aggregate function?
      (A)   Min
      (B)   Max
      (C)   Select
      (D)   Avg

    32   The attribute that can be divided into other attributes is called
      (A)   Simple Attribute
      (B)   Composite Attribute
      (C)   Multi-valued Attribute
      (D)   Derived Attribute

    33   In an Entity-Relationship Diagram “Ellipses” represents
      (A)   Attributes
      (B)   Weak entity set
      (C)   Relationship sets
      (D)   Multi-valued attributes

    34   In an Entity-Relationship Diagram “Diamonds” represents
      (A)   Attributes
      (B)   Multi-valued attributes
      (C)   Weak entity set
      (D)   Relationship sets

    35   What are ACID properties of Transactions?
      (A)   Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Database
      (B)   Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
      (C)   Atomicity, Consistency, Inconsistent, Durability
      (D)   Automatically, Concurrency, Isolation, Durability

    36   If every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on the primary key, the relation will be in
      (A)   First Normal Form
      (B)   Second Normal Form
      (C)   Third Normal Form
      (D)   Fourth Formal Form

    37   Database locking concept is used to solve the problem of
      (A)   Lost Update
      (B)   Uncommitted Dependency
      (C)   Inconsistent Data
      (D)   All of the above

    38   UML is stands for
      (A)   Universal Modeling Language
      (B)   Unified Modeling Language
      (C)   United Modeling Language
      (D)   Uni Modeling Language

    39   Data Manipulation Language (DML) is not to
      (A)   Create information table in the Database
      (B)   Insertion of new information into the Database
      (C)   Deletion of information in the Database
      (D)   Modification of information in the Database

    40   Which of the following in true regarding Referential Integrity?
      (A)   Every primary-key value must match a primary-key value in an associated table
      (B)   Every primary-key value must match a foreign-key value in an associated table
      (C)   Every foreign-key value must match a primary-key value in an associated table
      (D)   Every foreign-key value must match a foreign-key value in an associated table

    41   Which of the following option is use to retrieval of data?
      (A)   Stack
      (B)   Data Structure
      (C)   Linked list
      (D)   Query

    42   ODBC stands for ______
      (A)   Offline database connection
      (B)   Oriented database connection
      (C)   Open database connection
      (D)   None of above

    43   Which algebra is widely used in DBMS?
      (A)   Relational algebra
      (B)   Arithmetic algebra
      (C)   Both
      (D)   None

    44   Which of the following is a unary operation?
      (A)   Selection operation
      (B)   Generalized selection
      (C)   Primitive operation
      (D)   Projection operation

    45   Which SQL Query is use to remove a table and all its data from the database?
      (A)   Create Table
      (B)   Alter Table
      (C)   Drop Table
      (D)   None of these

    46   In precedence of set operators the expression is evaluated from:
      (A)   Left to Left
      (B)   Left to Right
      (C)   Right to Right
      (D)   Right to Left

    47   In DBMS FD stands for _______
      (A)   Facilitate data
      (B)   Functional data
      (C)   Facilitate dependency
      (D)   Functional dependency

    48   How many types of keys in Database Design?
      (A)   Candidate key
      (B)   Primary key
      (C)   Foreign key
      (D)   All of these

    49   Which of the following is based on Multi Valued Dependency?
      (A)   First
      (B)   Second
      (C)   Third
      (D)   Fourth

    50   Which of the following is the structure of the Database?
      (A)   Table
      (B)   Schema
      (C)   Relation
      (D)   None of these

    51   The minimal set of super key is called
      (A)   Primary key
      (B)   Secondary key
      (C)   Candidate key
      (D)   Foreign key

    52   A relation that has no partial dependencies is in which normal form
      (A)   First
      (B)   Second
      (C)   Third
      (D)   BCNF

    53   A functional dependency between two or more non-key attributes is called
      (A)   Transitive dependency
      (B)   Partial transitive dependency
      (C)   Functional dependency
      (D)   Partial functional dependency

    54   A logical description of some portion of database that is required by a user to perform task is called as
      (A)   System View
      (B)   User View
      (C)   Logical View
      (D)   Data View

    55   ______________ is a classical approach to database design?
      (A)   Left – Right approach
      (B)   Right – Left approach
      (C)   Top – Down approach
      (D)   Bottom – Up approach

    56   _____________ refers to the correctness and completeness of the data in a database?
      (A)   Data security
      (B)   Data integrity
      (C)   Data constraint
      (D)   Data independence

    57   A table that displays data redundancies yields ____________ anomalies
      (A)   Insertion
      (B)   Deletion
      (C)   Update
      (D)   All of the above

    58   A lock that allows concurrent transactions to access different rows of the same table is known as a
      (A)   Field-level lock
      (B)   Row-level lock
      (C)   Table-level lock
      (D)   Database-level lock

    59   A type of query that is placed within a WHERE or HAVING clause of another query is called
      (A)   Super query
      (B)   Sub query
      (C)   Master query
      (D)   Multi-query

    60   A transaction completes its execution is said to be
      (A)   Saved
      (B)   Loaded
      (C)   Rolled
      (D)   Committed

    61   In the relational model, cardinality is termed as:
      (A)   A number of tuples
      (B)   A number of attributes
      (C)   A number of tables
      (D)   A number of constraints

    62   Relational calculus is a
      (A)   Procedural language
      (B)   Non-procedural language
      (C)   Data definition language.
      (D)   High- IeveI language

    63   The view of total database content is
      (A)   Conceptual view
      (B)   Internal view
      (C)   External view
      (D)   Physical View

    64   Cartesian product in relational algebra is
      (A)   A Unary operator
      (B)   A Binary operator
      (C)   A Ternary operator
      (D)   Not defined

    65   DML is provided for
      (A)   Description of the logical structure of a database
      (B)   The addition of new structures in the database system
      (C)   Manipulation g’ processing of the database
      (D)   Definition of a physical structure of the database system

    66   ‘AS’ clause is used in SQL for
      (A)   Selection operation
      (B)   Rename operation
      (C)   Join operation
      (D)   Projection operation

    67   ODBC stands for
      (A)   Object Database Connectivity
      (B)   Oral Database Connectivity
      (C)   Oracle Database Connectivity
      (D)   Open Database Connectivity

    68   Architecture of the database can be viewed as
      (A)   Two levels
      (B)   Four levels
      (C)   Three levels
      (D)   One level

    69   In a relational model, relations are termed as
      (A)   Tuples
      (B)   Attributes
      (C)   Ta ales
      (D)   Rows

    70   The database schema is written in
      (A)   HLL
      (B)   DML
      (C)   DDL
      (D)   DCL

    71   In the architecture of a database system external level is the
      (A)   Physical level
      (B)   Logical level
      (C)   Conceptual level
      (D)   View level

    72   An entity set that does not have sufficient attributes to form a primary key is a
      (A)   Strong entity set
      (B)   Weak entity set
      (C)   Simple entity set
      (D)   Primary entity set

    73   In Hierarchical model records are organized as
      (A)   Graph
      (B)   List
      (C)   Links
      (D)   Tree

    74   In an E-R diagram attributes are represented by
      (A)   Rectangle
      (B)   Square
      (C)   Ellipse
      (D)   Triangle

    75   In case of entity integrity, the primary key maybe
      (A)   Not Null
      (B)   Null
      (C)   Both Null & not Null
      (D)   Any value

    76   The language used in application programs to request data from the DBMS is referred to as the
      (A)   DML
      (B)   DDL
      (C)   VDL
      (D)   SDL

    77   A logical schema
      (A)   Is the entire database
      (B)   Is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts
      (C)   Describes how data is actually stored on disk
      (D)   Both A and C

    78   Related fields in a database are grouped to form a
      (A)   Data file
      (B)   Data record
      (C)   Menu
      (D)   Bank

    79   The database environment has all of the following components except:
      (A)   Users
      (B)   Separate files
      (C)   Database
      (D)   Database administrator

    80   The language which has recently become the defacto standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system is
      (A)   Oracle
      (B)   SQL
      (C)   DBase
      (D)   4GL

    81   The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is a
      (A)   Module
      (B)   Relational model
      (C)   Schema
      (D)   Subschema

    82   In an E-R diagram an entity set is represented by a
      (A)   Rectangle
      (B)   Ellipse
      (C)   Diamond box
      (D)   Circle

    83   A report generator is used to
      (A)   Update files
      (B)   Print files on paper
      (C)   Data entry
      (D)   Delete files

    84   The property/properties of a database is/are:
      (A)   It is an integrated collection of logically related records
      (B)   It consolidates separate files into a common pool of data records
      (C)   Data stored in a database is independent of the application programs using it
      (D)   All of the above

    85   The DBMS language component which can be embedded in a program is
      (A)   The data definition language (DDL)
      (B)   The data manipulation language (DML)
      (C)   The database administrator (DBA)
      (D)   A query language

    86   A relational database developer refers to a record as
      (A)   Criteria
      (B)   A relation
      (C)   A tuple
      (D)   An attribute

    87   The relational model feature is that there
      (A)   Is no need for primary key data
      (B)   Is much more data independence than some other database models
      (C)   Are explicit relationships among records
      (D)   Are tables with many dimensions

    88   Conceptual design
      (A)   Is a documentation technique
      (B)   Needs data volume and processing frequencies to determine the size of the database
      (C)   Involves modeling independent of the DBMS
      (D)   Is designing the relational model

    89   The method in which records are physically stored in a specified order according to a key field in each record is
      (A)   Hash
      (B)   Direct
      (C)   Sequential
      (D)   All of the above

    90   A subschema expresses
      (A)   The logical view
      (B)   The physical view
      (C)   The external view
      (D)   All of the above

    91   Count function in SQL returns the number of
      (A)   Values
      (B)   Distinct values
      (C)   Groups
      (D)   Columns

    92   Which one of the following statements is false?
      (A)   The data dictionary is normally maintained by the database administrator
      (B)   Data elements in the database can be modified by changing the data dictionary
      (C)   The data dictionary contains the name and description of each data element
      (D)   A data dictionary is a tool used exclusively by the database administrator

    93   An advantage of the database management approach is
      (A)   Data is dependent on programs
      (B)   Data redundancy increases
      (C)   Data is integrated and can be accessed by multiple programs
      (D)   None of the above

    94   A DBMS query language is designed to
      (A)   Support end-users who use English-like commands
      (B)   Support in the development of complex applications software
      (C)   Specify the structure of a database
      (D)   All of the above

    95   Transaction processing is associated with everything below except
      (A)   Producing detail, summary, or exception reports
      (B)   Recording a business activity
      (C)   Confirming an action or triggering a response
      (D)   Maintaining data

    96   It is possible to define a schema completely using
      (A)   VDL and DDL
      (B)   DDL and DML
      (C)   SDL and DDL
      (D)   VDL and DML

    97   The method of access which uses key transformation is known as
      (A)   Direct
      (B)   Hash
      (C)   Random
      (D)   Sequential

    98   Data independence means
      (A)   Data is defined separately and not included in programs
      (B)   Programs are not dependent on the physical attributes of data
      (C)   Programs are not dependent on the logical attributes of data
      (D)   Both B and C

    99   The statement in SQL which allows changing the definition of a table is
      (A)   Alter
      (B)   Update
      (C)   Create
      (D)   Select

    100   E-R model uses this symbol to represent a weak entity set?
      (A)   Dotted rectangle
      (B)   Diamond
      (C)   Doubly outlined rectangle
      (D)   None of these

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