Emerging Trends in Electronics (ETE)-4

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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Smart World

1   A smart city is
    (A)   A city with all facilities.
    (B)   A city run by accountants
    (C)   Somewhere that makes smart use of new technology
    (D)   There is no agreed definition for a smart city

2   The vital component is often considered in discourse around smart cities is
    (A)   The role of the accountant
    (B)   The role of central government
    (C)   The role of local government
    (D)   The role of technology

3   Smart metering causes
    (A)   Increase in precision of billing
    (B)   Decrease in precision of billing
    (C)   Increase in approximation of billing
    (D)   Increase in random estimation of billing

4   Ventilation is the process of
    (A)   Cooling air in a space
    (B)   Increase in humidity in a space
    (C)   Exchanging /replacing air in a space
    (D)   Purifying air in a space

5   HVAC provides
    (A)   Air conditioning and purification
    (B)   Light automation
    (C)   Security system
    (D)   Alarm systems

6   Smart waste deals with __________
    (A)   A .Garbage collection and disposal
    (B)   Reusing and reducing garbage
    (C)   Recycling waste
    (D)   Dumping trash in landfills.

7   Smart bins indicate status of bin using __________
    (A)   Level sensors
    (B)   Temperature sensors
    (C)   Garbage Sensors
    (D)   Gas sensors

8   Smart bins can be monitored using
    (A)   Its own private network implemented by municipality
    (B)   Manual inspection by a person
    (C)   Trained Dogs
    (D)   Housing society

9   M2M Communication is a communication between
    (A)   Machine to Machine
    (B)   Motor to Machine
    (C)   machine to motor
    (D)   motor to motor

10   Function of device domain in M2M network
    (A)   Collection and transmission of sensor data.
    (B)   B .Interpretation of sensor data
    (C)   Processing of sensor data.
    (D)   Analysis of sensor data

11   Subnet in M2M is used for generating the communication link between the M2M devices and the M2M___________.
    (A)   Gateways
    (B)   Devices.
    (C)   Server.
    (D)   Router

12   All nodes communicate with each other using some intermediate gateways in a
    (A)   Fully distributed networks
    (B)   Client-server networks
    (C)   Cooperative networks
    (D)   Multi point network

13   The brain of IOT system is
    (A)   Sensor
    (B)   Processors
    (C)   Gateways
    (D)   applications.

14   One of this is not a networking device:
    (A)   Router
    (B)   Switch
    (C)   Bridge
    (D)   Traffic Analyzer

15   Limitation of Wireless Sensor Network(WSN)
    (A)   Restricted bandwidth
    (B)   Infinite storage capacity
    (C)   High processing speed
    (D)   Large range

16   One of this is not a sensor:
    (A)   Gyroscope
    (B)   Camera
    (C)   Oscillator
    (D)   Barrometer

17   ______________ helps in navigation systems:
    (A)   GPS
    (B)   Light sensor
    (C)   barometer
    (D)   accelerometer

18   One out of these is not LPWAN technologies:
    (A)   SigFox
    (B)   WiFi
    (C)   NB-IoT
    (D)   LoRa

19   Frequency band used by Z-WAVE IS :
    (A)   60 GHz
    (B)   2.4 GHz
    (C)   Sub 1 GHz
    (D)   5 GHz

20   Transaction and data integration across multiple sources is
    (A)   Orchestration
    (B)   Data routing
    (C)   Data mining
    (D)   Data analyzing

21   ______________ provides ability to monitor and control various home devices through wireless connection
    (A)   Smart home
    (B)   Optic fiber
    (C)   Motor
    (D)   Generator

22   X-10 home automation system uses _________ to send regular switching signal.
    (A)   RF Cable
    (B)   Telephone wire
    (C)   Optic fiber
    (D)   Household electricity wiring

23   Control unit in smart home receive all switching signals but switch ON or OFF particular appliance due to _____________
    (A)   Correct label
    (B)   Correct frequency.
    (C)   Correct code.
    (D)   Correct name

24   In order to automate each home appliance is plugged into a small control unit is called __________.
    (A)   An array.
    (B)   A module.
    (C)   A keyboard.
    (D)   An amplifier.

25   Most of these smart home devices include a _______________for managing them via a smart phone or tablet.
    (A)   Headphones
    (B)   Mobile charger
    (C)   Microphone
    (D)   Mobile app

26   The Philips Hue system is _________ available in market.
    (A)   Smart lighting system
    (B)   Smart heating system
    (C)   Smart watch
    (D)   Smart A.C.

27   In home security system entry of person can be restricted using______________.
    (A)   Smart TV
    (B)   Smart meter
    (C)   Smart dustbin
    (D)   Smart door

28   Name the sensor used in smart dustbin.
    (A)   Magnetic Sensor
    (B)   Optical Sensor
    (C)   Position Sensor
    (D)   Ultrasonic Sensor

29   Identify Smart city component developed on the base of smart infrastructure, data integration and smart services.
    (A)   Smart Healthcare
    (B)   Smart T.V.
    (C)   Smart Transportation.
    (D)   Smart watch

30   Automated traffic signals, automated tolls and fare collection is part of _____________ System
    (A)   Smart Healthcare
    (B)   Smart Transportation
    (C)   Smart Education
    (D)   Smart Security

31   Smart Health system combines Smart Technology and latest mobile device with _________.
    (A)   Education
    (B)   Health
    (C)   Traffic
    (D)   Security

32   Identify technology used in smart health care to analysed health data for accurate treatment.
    (A)   Artificial Intelligent
    (B)   Satellite
    (C)   Optical Electronics
    (D)   Nuclear

33   _________________________is collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste.
    (A)   Waste Management
    (B)   Traffic Management
    (C)   Health Management
    (D)   Safety Management

34   Name smart city component includes safety mobile apps or wearable electronic safety gazettes such as smart bracelet or pendant.
    (A)   Smart Healthcare
    (B)   Smart Transportation
    (C)   Smart Education
    (D)   Smart Safety/Security

35   It provides the flexibility of learning in an interactive educational environment,
    (A)   Smart Healthcare
    (B)   Smart Transportation
    (C)   Smart Education
    (D)   Smart Safety/Security

36   The motion sensor in a video monitoring system____________.
    (A)   Records all still images
    (B)   Records all Videos
    (C)   Records videos after motion is detected
    (D)   Records voice only.

37   One of this is not a sensor
    (A)   Gyroscope
    (B)   Camera
    (C)   Oscillator
    (D)   Barometer

38   In M2M communication, the intelligent Sensors communicate with the communication network with the help of —————-
    (A)   M2M Gateways
    (B)   M2M Application domain
    (C)   M2M trigger
    (D)   M2M server

39   M2M network architecture does not include:
    (A)   M2M area domain
    (B)   Application domain
    (C)   E-Governance
    (D)   Network domain

40   Identify the wireless cellular technology
    (A)   Bluetooth
    (B)   GSM
    (C)   ZigBee
    (D)   Wi-Fi

41   A smart home incorporates all the advanced___________.
    (A)   Automation Systems
    (B)   Ignition Systems
    (C)   Backup Systems
    (D)   Traffic Control Systems.

42   ______________ provides ability to monitor and control various home devices through wireless connection.
    (A)   Optical Fibre
    (B)   Motor.
    (C)   Smart Home
    (D)   Generator

43   Lights can be turn ON when a photo-electric sensor detects that it’s dark. It is possible in one of the following system.
    (A)   Security System
    (B)   Home Automation System
    (C)   Safety System.
    (D)   Networking system.

44   ____________are main component of home appliances control system.
    (A)   Amplifier, equaliser, oscillator.
    (B)   Modulator, mixer, local oscillator
    (C)   Voltage amplifier, filter, power amplifier
    (D)   Sensors, processors, relay

45   Video monitoring system for home consists of _____________and ____________.
    (A)   Camera, displays
    (B)   Generator, motor
    (C)   Heater, compressor
    (D)   Oscillator, mixer

46   The use of ______________ can assured that family will be safe from unforeseen dangers.
    (A)   Smart door
    (B)   Smart meter
    (C)   Smart dustbin
    (D)   Smart TV

47   Home appliances in smart home can be controlled remotely over long distance is possible due to _________________
    (A)   Amplifiers
    (B)   Web-based application
    (C)   Repeater
    (D)   Splitter

48   “Hey Google, turn on all lights.” This voice command is for _______________ used in smart home.
    (A)   Amazon Alexa
    (B)   Google Home
    (C)   Apple’s Home Kit,
    (D)   Amazon Prime

49   Identify the one that is not provided in smart home.
    (A)   Comfort, security and convenience.
    (B)   Remote automation.
    (C)   Improving traffic flow on road
    (D)   Save time and effort.

50   Automated traffic signals are part of ____________.
    (A)   Smart TV
    (B)   Smart Transportation
    (C)   Smart Home
    (D)   Smart Watch

51   ______________delivers health information and services to enable data transmission, storage and retrieval for clinical, educational and administrative purposes.
    (A)   E-health
    (B)   E- BIKE
    (C)   E-news paper
    (D)   E- Challan

52   This education system is replacing traditional classroom, and provides the flexibility of learning.
    (A)   Smart TV
    (B)   Smart Transportation
    (C)   Smart Education.
    (D)   Smart Watch

53   Efficient and energy-saving waste management system reduces ___________.
    (A)   Air pollution
    (B)   Natural resources
    (C)   Human Life
    (D)   Road Traffic

54   Name the detector used for fire safety in smart city.
    (A)   PH detector
    (B)   Moisture Detector
    (C)   Smoke detector
    (D)   Salt detector.

55   The security and surveillance tools use surveillance ______and sensors.
    (A)   Camera
    (B)   Motor
    (C)   Connector
    (D)   Optic fibre

56   Identify application of surveillance system in which camera provides critical evidence for investigations.
    (A)   Smart Education.
    (B)   Smart Healthcare
    (C)   Crime Prevention
    (D)   Smart Economy

57   Smart Surveillance used for automatic over speeding vehicle detection and red-light violation detection system are under _____________system of smart city.
    (A)   Waste management.
    (B)   Traffic Management
    (C)   Resource Management
    (D)   Energy Management

58   In Fire detection System video image detection technology is used to detect ______and flame.
    (A)   Water
    (B)   Smoke
    (C)   Colour
    (D)   Oil

59   Natural disaster such as flood can be prevented through real-time updates and _________monitoring using camera
    (A)   Remote
    (B)   Microphone
    (C)   Radar
    (D)   LED.

60   The city of Detroit (USA) managed to reduce crime by 50% by implementing Project _______ Light
    (A)   Red
    (B)   Yellow
    (C)   Blue
    (D)   Green

61   M2M communication is a communication between
    (A)   Machine to Machine
    (B)   Motor to Machine
    (C)   Machine to Motor
    (D)   Motor to Motor

62   Function of device domain in M2M network is____________.
    (A)   Processing of sensor data
    (B)   Analysis of sensor data
    (C)   Collection and transmission of sensor data
    (D)   Interpretation of sensor data

63   In a ————— networks, all nodes communicate with each other using some intermediate gateways.
    (A)   Client- server
    (B)   Cooperative
    (C)   Point to point network
    (D)   Fully distributed

64   Wireless range for indoor applications using ZigBee protocol is——-
    (A)   Up to 10 meters
    (B)   Up to 70 meters
    (C)   Upto 10 Kilo meters
    (D)   Upto 500 meters

65   Identify the motion sensor: –
    (A)   Gyroscope
    (B)   Microphone
    (C)   Camera
    (D)   LED.

66   Name IR-based sensor to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical CONTACT
    (A)   Motion sensor
    (B)   Light Sensor
    (C)   Audio Sensor
    (D)   Proximity Sensor

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