Database Management System-3

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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1   The________ operator preserves unmatched rows of the relations being joined.
    (A)   Inner join
    (B)   Outer join
    (C)   Union
    (D)   Union join

2   The reasons leading to popularity of client-server systems are:
    (A)   More powerful workstations on LANs
    (B)   Needed for graphical user interfaces of end users.
    (C)   Remove computing load for presentation services from the system managing a shared database resource
    (D)   All

3   The relational model is based on the concept that data is organized and stored in two-dimensional tables called ____________.
    (A)   Fields
    (B)   Records
    (C)   Relations
    (D)   Keys

4   __________ contains information that defines valid values that are stored in a column or data type.
    (A)   View
    (B)   Rule
    (C)   Index
    (D)   Default

5   _________ first proposed the process of normalization.
    (A)   Edgar. W
    (B)   Edgar F. Codd
    (C)   C Edward Stephen
    (D)   Edward Codd

6   For using a specific database ________ command is used.
    (A)   use database
    (B)   databasename use
    (C)   Both A &B
    (D)   None of them

7   Which of the following is not comparison operator?
    (C)   =<
    (D)   >=

8   An outstanding functionality of SQL is its support for automatic________ to the target data.
    (A)   programming
    (B)   functioning
    (C)   navigation
    (D)   notification

9   _________ is a special type of integrity constraint that relates two relations & maintains consistency across the relations.
    (A)   Entity Integrity Constraints
    (B)   Referential Integrity Constraints
    (C)   Domain Integrity Constraints
    (D)   Domain Constraints

10   __________specifies a search condition for a group or an aggregate.
    (A)   GROUP BY Clause
    (B)   HAVING Clause
    (C)   FROM Clause
    (D)   WHERE Clause

11   Drop Table cannot be used to drop a table referenced by a __________ constraint.
    (A)   Local Key
    (B)   Primary Key
    (C)   Composite Key
    (D)   Foreign Key

12   ________ joins are SQL server default.
    (A)   Outer
    (B)   Inner
    (C)   Equi
    (D)   None of the above

13   The __________ is essentially used to search for patterns in target string.
    (A)   Like Predicate
    (B)   Null Predicate
    (C)   In Predicate
    (D)   Out Predicate

14   Which of the following is/are the Database server functions? i) Data management ii) Transaction management iii) Compile queries iv) Query optimization
    (A)   i, ii, and iv only
    (B)   i, ii and iii only
    (C)   ii, iii and iv only
    (D)   All i, ii, iii, and iv

15   To delete a database___________ command is used.
    (A)   delete database database_name
    (B)   Delete database_name
    (C)   drop database database_name
    (D)   drop database_name

16   _________ is a combination of two of more attributes used as a primary key.
    (A)   Composite Key
    (B)   Alternate Key
    (C)   Candidate Key
    (D)   Foreign Key

17   Which of the following is not the function of client?
    (A)   Compile queries
    (B)   Query optimization
    (C)   Receive queries
    (D)   Result formatting and presentation

18   _________ is a special type of stored procedure that is automatically invoked whenever the data in the table is modified.
    (A)   Procedure
    (B)   Trigger
    (C)   Curser
    (D)   None of the above

19   _________ requires that data should be made available to only authorized users.
    (A)   Data integrity
    (B)   Privacy
    (C)   Security
    (D)   None of the above

20   Some of the utilities of DBMS are ________. i) Loading ii) Backup iii) File organization iv) Process Organization
    (A)   i, ii, and iv only
    (B)   i, ii and iii only
    (C)   ii, iii and iv only
    (D)   All i, ii, iii, and iv

21   ___________ allows individual row operation to be performed on a given result set or on the generated by a selected by a selected statement.
    (A)   Procedure
    (B)   Trigger
    (C)   Curser
    (D)   None of above

22   Processed data is called ________.
    (A)   Raw data
    (B)   Information
    (C)   Useful data
    (D)   Source

23   ________ is a utility to capture a continuous record of server activity and provide auditing capability.
    (A)   SQL server Profile
    (B)   SQL server service manager
    (C)   SQL server setup
    (D)   SQL server wizard.

24   Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called a
    (A)   record
    (B)   title
    (C)   list
    (D)   string

25   _______ contains data assisting day to day activities of the organization.
    (A)   Control database
    (B)   Operational database
    (C)   Strategic database
    (D)   Sequential database

26   ____________ approach reduces time and effort required for design and lesser risk in database management.
    (A)   Single global database
    (B)   Top-down approach
    (C)   Multiple databases
    (D)   None of the above

27   HSAM stands for _________.
    (A)   A) Hierarchic Sequential Access Method
    (B)   B) Hierarchic Standard Access Method
    (C)   C) Hierarchic Sequential and Method
    (D)   D) Hierarchic Standard and Method

28   SQL server stores index information in the ________ system table.
    (A)   systindexes
    (B)   systemindexes
    (C)   sysind
    (D)   sysindexes

29   The one guideline to be followed while designing the database is
    (A)   A database design may be ambiguous.
    (B)   Unrelated data should be in the same table so that updating the data will be easy.
    (C)   It should avoid/reduce the redundancy.
    (D)   An entity should not have attributes.

30   Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
    (A)   Chain
    (B)   Network
    (C)   Tree
    (D)   Relational

31   ________ is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
    (A)   Constraints
    (B)   Stored procedure
    (C)   Triggers
    (D)   Cursors

32   Reflexivity property says that X – Y is true if Y is ___________.
    (A)   Subset of X
    (B)   Null set of X
    (C)   Super set of Y
    (D)   Subset of Y

33   Anything that affects the database schema is a part of
    (A)   DML
    (B)   DCL
    (C)   DDL
    (D)   All of the above

34   An instance of a relation is a time varying set of ___________.
    (A)   Tuples
    (B)   Rows
    (C)   Both of them
    (D)   None of them

35   In the __________ mode any record in the file can be accessed at random
    (A)   Sequential access
    (B)   Random access
    (C)   Standard access
    (D)   Source access

36   Which can be used to delete all the rows if a table?
    (A)   Delete * from table_name
    (B)   Delete from table_name
    (C)   Delete table_name
    (D)   all rows cannot be deleted at a time.

37   Which if the following is not the type of data integrity?
    (A)   Key integrity
    (B)   Domain integrity
    (C)   Entity integrity
    (D)   Referential integrity

38   4NF stands for _______.
    (A)   Fourth Normal File
    (B)   Fourth Normal Form
    (C)   Fourth Normal Fraction
    (D)   Fourth Negative File

39   A _________ allows to make copies of the database periodically to help in the cases of crashes & disasters.
    (A)   Recovery utility
    (B)   Backup Utility
    (C)   Monitoring utility
    (D)   Data loading utility

40   _________ Allows definitions and query language statements to be entered; query results are formatted and displayed.
    (A)   Schema Processor
    (B)   Query Processor
    (C)   Terminal Interface
    (D)   None of the above

41   The main task carried out in the ___________ is to remove repeating attributes to separate tables.
    (A)   First Normal Form
    (B)   Second Normal Form
    (C)   Third Normal Form
    (D)   Fourth Normal Form

42   Mechanism developed to enforce users to enter data in required format is:
    (A)   Data validation
    (B)   Input mask
    (C)   Criteria
    (D)   Data verification

43   The raw facts and figures are:
    (A)   Data
    (B)   Information
    (C)   Snapshot
    (D)   Reports

44   The feature that database allows to access only certain records in database is:
    (A)   Forms
    (B)   Reports
    (C)   Queries
    (D)   Tables

45   Which filter method lets you filter the records that match the selected field?
    (A)   Filter by form
    (B)   Filter by selection
    (C)   Auto filter
    (D)   Advanced filter

46   Which filter method lets you filter records based on criterion you specify?
    (A)   Filter by form
    (B)   Filter by selection
    (C)   Auto filter
    (D)   Advanced filter

47   You can find Sort & Filter group of commands in
    (A)   Home ribbon
    (B)   Create ribbon
    (C)   Database tools ribbon
    (D)   Fields ribbon

48   Which of the following filter method is not available in Access?
    (A)   Filter by selection
    (B)   Filter by form
    (C)   Advanced filter
    (D)   None of above

49   By Grouped report you understand
    (A)   Type of report generated by the Report Wizard
    (B)   Type of report that present records sorted in ascending or descending order as you specify
    (C)   Type of report that displays data grouped by fields you specified
    (D)   None of above

50   The text you typed in Description column in Table Design View is displayed on
    (A)   Description bar in forms
    (B)   Report Footer when printed
    (C)   Title bar of MS Access while entering data
    (D)   Status bar while entering data

51   What is the maximum allowed field size for Boolean (Yes/No) fields?
    (A)   1
    (B)   8
    (C)   50
    (D)   255

52   What is the size of Data & Time field type?
    (A)   1
    (B)   8
    (C)   255
    (D)   50

53   Which of the following field type can store maximum data?
    (A)   Yes/No fields
    (B)   Date/Time fields
    (C)   Text fields
    (D)   Memo fields

54   To display associated record from related table in datasheet view you can
    (A)   Double click the record
    (B)   Apply filter by form command
    (C)   Single click on expand indicator (+) next to the record
    (D)   Double click on expand indicator (+) next to the record

55   Arrange according to size
    (A)   Record, field, byte, bit
    (B)   Bit, field, byte, record
    (C)   Field, byte, record, bit
    (D)   Byte, bit, record, field

56   What type of relationship exists between a Student table and Fees table?
    (A)   One to one
    (B)   One to many
    (C)   Many to many
    (D)   One to many and many to many

57   Identify the relationship between a Movie table and Stars table:
    (A)   One to one
    (B)   One to many
    (C)   Many to many
    (D)   None of above

58   What type of relationship exists between a Teacher table and Class table?
    (A)   One to many
    (B)   Many to many
    (C)   One to one
    (D)   Two to two

59   Which of the following relationship type is not possible to realize in Access Database directly?
    (A)   One to one
    (B)   One to many
    (C)   Many to many
    (D)   None of above

60   For which kind of relationship you need a junction table to reflect real world situation?
    (A)   One to one
    (B)   One to many
    (C)   Many to many
    (D)   None of above

61   What do you need if you should enforce many-to-many relationship between two tables?
    (A)   Parent table
    (B)   Child table
    (C)   Junction table
    (D)   Many-to-many relationship can’t be created in database

62   You can display data from multiple tables by using
    (A)   Page break
    (B)   Sub form
    (C)   Columnar form
    (D)   Tabular form

63   What is the best data type for a field that stores mobile numbers?
    (A)   Text
    (B)   Number
    (C)   Date/Time
    (D)   Memo

64   What field type is best to store serial numbers?
    (A)   Number
    (B)   AutoNumber
    (C)   Text
    (D)   Memo

65   Which of the following field type is used to store photograph of employees?
    (A)   Memo
    (B)   Picture
    (C)   OLE
    (D)   Photo

66   Which of the following method can be used to add more tables in a database?
    (A)   Design View
    (B)   Table Wizard
    (C)   By Entering Data
    (D)   All of above

67   From which version Microsoft introduced Backstage View for Access Interface?
    (A)   Access 2003
    (B)   Access 2007
    (C)   Access 2010
    (D)   Access does not have Backstage View

68   You can display Backstage View by clicking on
    (A)   File menu
    (B)   Home tab
    (C)   Control box
    (D)   Quick Access Toolbar

69   Why do you pin an item in list?
    (A)   To mark it to delete from list
    (B)   To move it up and make it always available
    (C)   To make it default database when you open Access
    (D)   None of above

70   The options like Save Open Database Print are available in
    (A)   Home tab
    (B)   Backstage View tab
    (C)   File menu
    (D)   Database Tools tab

71   What is relational database?
    (A)   A place to store relational information
    (B)   A database that is related to other databases
    (C)   A database to store human relations
    (D)   None of above

72   The advantage of computerized database over manual database is
    (A)   We can get the information our quick
    (B)   We can put in information quick
    (C)   Solve the repeated information and consistency problem
    (D)   All of above

73   Circular button with Office icon in it is
    (A)   Control box
    (B)   Office box
    (C)   Company box
    (D)   Control menu box

74   Group names in ribbon can be helpful to
    (A)   Group the commands so that when you move one, you can move all of them together
    (B)   Give a name for buttons on ribbon
    (C)   Find the required option by inspecting through them
    (D)   All of above

75   The options like Relationship SQL Server etc are found in
    (A)   External data tab
    (B)   Database tools tab
    (C)   Create tab
    (D)   Home tab

76   Navigation pane is placed on
    (A)   The left of Access workspace
    (B)   The right of Access workspace
    (C)   Just below the Access workspace
    (D)   Just above the status bar

77   You can filter the display of different Access objects in navigation pane from
    (A)   View tab in ribbon
    (B)   Drop down menu at the top of navigation pane
    (C)   Sort & Filter group in Home menu
    (D)   Database tab

78   The ascending order of a data hierarchy is:
    (A)   bit-byte-record-field-file-database
    (B)   byte-bit-field-record-file-database
    (C)   bit-byte-field-record-file-database
    (D)   bit-byte-file-record-field-database

79   Which of the following is true of a network structure?
    (A)   t is a physical representation of the data
    (B)   It allows a many-to-many relationship
    (C)   It is conceptually simple
    (D)   It will be dominant data base of the future

80   Which of the following is a problem of file management system?
    (A)   difficult to update
    (B)   lack of data independence
    (C)   data redundancy
    (D)   All of the above

81   One data dictionary software package is called
    (A)   DB/DC dictionary
    (B)   TOTAL
    (C)   ACCESS
    (D)   Datapac

82   The function of a database is _______.
    (A)   to check all input data
    (B)   to check all spelling
    (C)   to collect and organize input data
    (D)   to output data

83   What is the language used by most of the DBMSs for helping their users to access data?
    (A)   High level language
    (B)   SQL
    (C)   Query Language
    (D)   4GL

84   The model for a record management system might be
    (A)   handwritten list
    (B)   a Rolodex card file
    (C)   a business form
    (D)   all of the above

85   Primitive operations common to all record management system include
    (A)   print
    (B)   sort
    (C)   look-up
    (D)   all of above

86   In a large DBMS
    (A)   each user can “see” only a small part of the entire database
    (B)   each subschema contains every field in the logical schema
    (C)   each user can access every subschema

87   Information can be transferred between the DBMS and a
    (A)   spreadsheet program
    (B)   word processor program
    (C)   graphics program
    (D)   all of the above

88   Which of the following fields in a student file can be used as a primary key?
    (A)   class
    (B)   Social Security Number
    (C)   GPA
    (D)   Major

89   Which of the following is not an advantage of the database approach?
    (A)   Elimination of data redundancy
    (B)   Ability of associate deleted data
    (C)   increased security
    (D)   all of the above

90   Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time?
    (A)   Report Writer
    (B)   Query Language
    (C)   Data Manipulation Language
    (D)   Transaction Log

91   In the DBMS approach, application programs perform the
    (A)   Storage function
    (B)   Processing functions
    (C)   Access Control
    (D)   All of the above

92   A set of programs that handle a firm’s database responsibilities is called
    (A)   database management system (DBMS)
    (B)   database processing system (DBPS)
    (C)   data management system (DMS)
    (D)   all of above

93   Which is the make given to the database management system which is able to handle full text data, image data, audio and video?
    (A)   full media
    (B)   graphics media
    (C)   multimedia
    (D)   hypertext

94   A record management system
    (A)   can handle many files of information at a time
    (B)   can be used to extract information stored in a computer file
    (C)   always uses a list as its model
    (D)   both a and b

95   A command that lets you change one or more fields in a record is
    (A)   insert
    (B)   modify
    (C)   lookup
    (D)   none of above

96   A transparent DBMS
    (A)   cannot hide sensitive information from users
    (B)   keeps its logical structure hidden from users
    (C)   keeps its physical structure hidden from users
    (D)   both b and c

97   A file produced by a spreadsheet
    (A)   is generally stored on disk in an ASCII text format
    (B)   can be used as is by the DBMS
    (C)   both a and b
    (D)   none of the above

98   Which of the following is not true of the traditional approach to information processing?
    (A)   there is common sharing of data among the various applications
    (B)   it is file oriented
    (C)   programs are dependent on the file
    (D)   it is inflexible

99   Which of the following hardware component is the most important to the operation of database management system?
    (A)   high resolution video display
    (B)   printer
    (C)   high speed, large capacity disk
    (D)   plotter

100   Generalized database management system does not retrieve data to meet routine request
    (A)   TRUE
    (B)   FALSE

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