Database Management System-2

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

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1   In tuple relational calculus P1 AND P2 is equivalent to
    (A)   (¬P1OR¬P2)
    (B)   ¬(P1OR¬P2)
    (C)   ¬¬P1OR P2
    (D)   ¬(¬P1OR ¬P2)

2   Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
    (A)   Strict two-phase locking protocol
    (B)   Tree locking protocol
    (C)   Two-phase locking protocol
    (D)   Validation based protocol

3   Wait-for graph is used for
    (A)   Detecting view serializability
    (B)   Detecting conflict serializability
    (C)   Deadlock prevention
    (D)   Deadlock detection

4   The clause alter table in SQL can be used to
    (A)   Add an attribute
    (B)   Delete an attribute
    (C)   Alter the default values of an attribute
    (D)   All of the above

5   The data models defined by ANSI/SPARC architecture are
    (A)   Conceptual, physical and internal
    (B)   Conceptual, view and external
    (C)   Logical, physical and internal
    (D)   Logical, physical and view

6   Whenever two independent one-to-many relationships are mixed in the same relation, a _______ arises
    (A)   Functional dependency
    (B)   Multi-valued dependency
    (C)   Transitive dependency
    (D)   Partial dependency

7   A table can have only one
    (A)   Secondary key
    (B)   Alternate key
    (C)   Unique key
    (D)   Primary key

8   Dependency preservation is not guaranteed in
    (A)   BCNF
    (B)   3NF
    (C)   PJNF
    (D)   DKNF

9   Which is the best file organization when data is frequently added or deleted from a file?
    (A)   Sequential
    (B)   Direct
    (C)   Index sequential
    (D)   None of the above

10   Which of the following constitutes a basic set of operations for manipulating relational data?
    (A)   Predicate calculus
    (B)   Relational calculus
    (C)   Relational algebra
    (D)   SQL

11   An advantage of views is
    (A)   Data security
    (B)   Derived columns
    (C)   Hiding of complex queries
    (D)   All of the above

12   Which of the following is not a recovery technique?
    (A)   Deferred update
    (B)   Immediate update
    (C)   Two-phase commit
    (D)   Shadow paging

13   Isolation of the transactions is ensured by
    (A)   Transaction management
    (B)   Application programmer
    (C)   Concurrency control
    (D)   Recovery management

14   _______ operator is used to compare a value to a list of literals values that have been specified
    (A)   Like
    (B)   COMPARE
    (C)   BETWEEN
    (D)   IN

15   The Collection of data that contains information about one particular enterprise is known as?
    (A)   DBMS
    (B)   Database
    (C)   Data Dictionary
    (D)   Data file

16   A collection of interrelated files and a set of programs that allow users to access and modify these files is known as?
    (A)   DBMS
    (B)   Database
    (C)   Data Dictionary
    (D)   Data file

17   The data dictionary tells the DBMS
    (A)   what files are in database
    (B)   what attributes are possessed by data
    (C)   what these file contain
    (D)   All of the above

18   Data Dictionary contains detail of
    (A)   Data Structure
    (B)   Data flows
    (C)   Data stores
    (D)   All of the above

19   Duplication of Data is known as?
    (A)   Data Redundancy
    (B)   Data Integrity
    (C)   Data Inconsistency
    (D)   Corrupt Data

20   Which of the following is not the objective of DBMS?
    (A)   reducing DATA REDUNDANCY
    (B)   controlling DATA INCONSISTANCY
    (C)   facilitating sharing of data, ensuring data security and standards
    (D)   All are the objectives of DBMS

21   Which of the following is not the level of DATABASE ABSTRACTION?
    (A)   Internal Level or Physical Level or Low Level
    (B)   Conceptual Level
    (C)   External Level or View Level
    (D)   All are levels of Database Abstraction

22   Database programs can do all of the following EXCEPT:
    (A)   store and organize data.
    (B)   create graphics
    (C)   communicate data.
    (D)   manage information.

23   A(n) ____________ is a good comparison to a database.
    (A)   computerized file cabinet
    (B)   computerized typewriter
    (C)   office desktop
    (D)   computerized calculator

24   Database software is an example of a(n):
    (A)   DBA.
    (B)   application.
    (C)   desktop publishing program.
    (D)   operating system.

25   Advantages of databases include all of the following EXCEPT:
    (A)   easy to reorganize data.
    (B)   easy to retrieve information.
    (C)   easy to store large amounts of data.
    (D)   easy to secure because information from the database cannot be printed

26   Software for organizing storage and retrieval of information is a(n):
    (A)   database
    (B)   database program
    (C)   operating system
    (D)   data warehouse

27   A collection of information stored in an organized form in a computer is a(n):
    (A)   database
    (B)   DBMS
    (C)   operating system
    (D)   utility

28   A relational database is composed of one or more:
    (A)   directories
    (B)   tables
    (C)   folders
    (D)   DBMS

29   In a database table, a ____________ is a collection of data fields.
    (A)   vector
    (B)   query
    (C)   descriptor
    (D)   record

30   In a customer database table, all of the information for one customer is kept in a:
    (A)   field type
    (B)   field
    (C)   record
    (D)   column

31   In a customer database, a customer’s surname would be keyed into a:
    (A)   row.
    (B)   text field
    (C)   record
    (D)   computed field

32   In a database, a ____________ field shows results of calculations performed on data in other numeric fields.
    (A)   configured
    (B)   concatenated
    (C)   key
    (D)   computed

33   The number of newspapers sold on May 30 would be kept in a ____________ field.
    (A)   date
    (B)   numeric
    (C)   text
    (D)   key

34   Bringing data from a word processing program into a database program is known as:
    (A)   exporting
    (B)   batch processing
    (C)   importing
    (D)   mining

35   ____________ is perusing data in a database as if looking through pages in a notebook.
    (A)   Browsing
    (B)   Mining
    (C)   Scrubbing
    (D)   Cleansing

36   When looking for a specific patient in a hospital’s database, ___________ is more efficient than browsing.
    (A)   surfing
    (B)   keying
    (C)   scrubbing
    (D)   querying

37   Arranging all customer records in customer number order is an example of:
    (A)   querying
    (B)   sorting
    (C)   inquiring
    (D)   filtering

38   An ordered list of specific records and specific fields printed in an easy-to-read format is known as a(n):
    (A)   query
    (B)   sort
    (C)   inquiry
    (D)   report

39   The process of ____________ would be used when sending data from a database to a word processor so that mailing labels could be produced.
    (A)   exporting
    (B)   sorting
    (C)   mining
    (D)   querying

40   Database queries must be:
    (A)   contiguous
    (B)   unambiguous
    (C)   contoured
    (D)   batched

41   The following is an example of —– Select Student_ID From Students (Where Major = Business and Credits >= 46)
    (A)   query language
    (B)   BASIC language
    (C)   HTML language
    (D)   a spreadsheet formula

42   PIM stands for:
    (A)   personal information manager
    (B)   personal inquiry manager
    (C)   personalized information management
    (D)   program information management

43   A(n) ____________ combines data tables with demographic information.
    (A)   PIM
    (B)   intranet
    (C)   SPSS
    (D)   GIS

44   A ____________ manipulates data in a large collection files and cross references those files.
    (A)   DBA
    (B)   GIS
    (C)   PIM
    (D)   DBMS

45   A large corporation would use a ____________ to keep records for many employees and customers along with all of its inventory data.
    (A)   GIS
    (B)   spreadsheet program
    (C)   PIM
    (D)   database management system

46   For a customer database, a good choice of key field would be:
    (A)   address
    (B)   customer ID
    (C)   phone number
    (D)   last name

47   A key field must:
    (A)   uniquely identify a record.
    (B)   be used to connect two tables in the database.
    (C)   be located in a minimum of three tables.
    (D)   be common and used in many records.

48   In a(n) ____________, data from more than one table can be combined.
    (A)   key field
    (B)   relational database
    (C)   file manager
    (D)   XML

49   ____________ processing is used when a large mail-order company accumulates orders and processes them together in one large set.
    (A)   Interactive
    (B)   Group
    (C)   Real-time
    (D)   Batch

50   When making an airline reservation through the Internet, you use ____________ processing.
    (A)   interactive
    (B)   group
    (C)   digitization
    (D)   batch

51   Producing invoices once a month is an example of ____________ processing.
    (A)   interactive
    (B)   digitization
    (C)   real-time
    (D)   batch

52   In a typical client/server environment, the client can be any of the following EXCEPT a:
    (A)   desktop computer
    (B)   mainframe
    (C)   PDA
    (D)   notebook

53   In a client/server environment, the server:
    (A)   processes a query from a client and then sends the answer back to the client.
    (B)   cannot be used to access a corporate data warehouse.
    (C)   must be a CRM system.
    (D)   must be within 100 meters of all client computers in the network.

54   ____________ is connectivity software that hides the complex interaction between client and server computers and creates a three-tier design separating actual data from the programming logic used to access it.
    (A)   CRM
    (B)   XML
    (C)   Middleware
    (D)   Firmware

55   Data mining is:
    (A)   batch processing using files stored on a mainframe computer.
    (B)   locating trends and patterns in information kept in large databases.
    (C)   querying databases used by the mining industry.
    (D)   creating a database warehouse from many smaller databases.

56   ___________ is a new, powerful data description language used to construct web pages as well as access and query databases using the Internet.
    (A)   SQL
    (B)   CRM
    (C)   PIM
    (D)   XML

57   A CRM system organizes and tracks information on:
    (A)   consulates
    (B)   computer registers
    (C)   customers
    (D)   privacy violations

58   In an object-oriented database, every object is an instance of a
    (A)   table
    (B)   field
    (C)   class
    (D)   record

59   When a person uses language like ordinary English to query a database, it is known as a(n) ____________ language query.
    (A)   HTML
    (B)   object-oriented
    (C)   natural
    (D)   XML

60   The act of accessing data about other people through credit card information, credit bureau data, and public records and then using that data without permission is known as:
    (A)   identity theft
    (B)   personal theft
    (C)   data mining
    (D)   Big Brother crime

61   An aspect of the USA Patriot Act is the requirement that when presented with appropriate warrants:
    (A)   citizens must submit to lie detector tests upon request.
    (B)   companies must turn over their employees’ military records.
    (C)   libraries must turn over their patrons’ records.
    (D)   foreigners must be fingerprinted when entering the US.

62   One disadvantage of data mining is that it:
    (A)   accumulates so much data that it is difficult to use efficiently.
    (B)   bypasses virus checking.
    (C)   generates few results.
    (D)   produces graphs and reports, no straight-forward data.

63   DBMS is a collection of _________ that enables user to create and maintain a database.
    (A)   Keys
    (B)   Translators
    (C)   Program
    (D)   Language Activity

64   In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called
    (A)   Relations
    (B)   Domains
    (C)   Queries
    (D)   All of the above

65   In an ER model, _________ is described in the database by storing its data.
    (A)   Entity
    (B)   Attribute
    (C)   Relationship
    (D)   Notation

66   DFD stands for
    (A)   Data Flow Document
    (B)   Data File Diagram
    (C)   Data Flow Diagram
    (D)   None of the above

67   A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
    (A)   Hierarchical schema
    (B)   Network schema
    (C)   Relational Schema
    (D)   All of the above

68   ______ table store information about database or about the system.
    (A)   SQL
    (B)   Nested
    (C)   System
    (D)   None of these

69   ________defines the structure of a relation which consists of a fixed set of attribute domain pairs.
    (A)   Instance
    (B)   Schema
    (C)   Program
    (D)   Super Key

70   ________clause is an additional filter that is applied to the result.
    (A)   Select
    (B)   Group-by
    (C)   Having
    (D)   Order by

71   A logical schema
    (A)   is the entire database
    (B)   is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts.
    (C)   Describes how data is actually stored on disk.
    (D)   All of the above

72   ________ is a full form of SQL.
    (A)   Standard query language
    (B)   Sequential query language
    (C)   Structured query language
    (D)   Server side query language

73   The candidate key is that you choose to identify each row uniquely is called____________.
    (A)   Alternate Key
    (B)   Primary Key
    (C)   Foreign Key
    (D)   None of the above

74   ____________ is used to determine whether of a table contains duplicate rows.
    (A)   Unique predicate
    (B)   Like Predicate
    (C)   Null predicate
    (D)   In predicate

75   To eliminate duplicate rows ……………… is used
    (C)   DISTINCT
    (D)   None of these

76   State true or false. i) A candidate key is a minimal super key. ii) A candidate key can also refer to as surrogate key.
    (A)   i-true, ii-false
    (B)   i-false, ii-true
    (C)   i-true, ii-true
    (D)   i-false, ii-false

77   DCL stands for
    (A)   Data Control Language
    (B)   Data Console Language
    (C)   Data Console Level
    (D)   Data Control Level

78   ________ is the process of organizing data into related tables.
    (A)   Normalization
    (B)   Generalization
    (C)   Specialization
    (D)   None of the above

79   A _________ Does not have a distinguishing attribute if its own and mostly are dependent entities, which are part of some another entity.
    (A)   Weak entity
    (B)   Strong entity
    (C)   Non attributes entity
    (D)   Dependent entity

80   __________ is the complex search criteria in the where clause.
    (A)   Substring
    (B)   Drop Table
    (C)   Predict
    (D)   Predicate

81   _________ is preferred method for enforcing data integrity.
    (A)   Constraints
    (B)   Stored Procedure
    (C)   Triggers
    (D)   Cursors

82   The number of tuples in a relation is called its _______ While the number of attributes in a relation is called its _________.
    (A)   Degree, Cardinality
    (B)   Cardinality, Degree
    (C)   Rows, Columns
    (D)   Columns, Rows

83   State true or false. i) Select operator is not a unary operator. ii) Project operator chooses subset of attributes or columns of a relation.
    (A)   i-True, ii-False
    (B)   i-True, ii-True
    (C)   i-False, ii-True
    (D)   i-False, ii-False

84   _______ database is used as template for all databases created.
    (A)   Master
    (B)   Model
    (C)   Tempdb
    (D)   None of the above

85   One aspect that has to be dealt with by the integrity subsystem is to ensure that only valid values can be assigned to each data items. This is referred to as
    (A)   Data Security
    (B)   Domain access
    (C)   Data Control
    (D)   Domain Integrity

86   _________ operator is basically a join followed by a project on the attributes of first relation.
    (A)   Join
    (B)   Semi-Join
    (C)   Full Join
    (D)   Inner Join

87   Which of the following is not a binary operator in relational algebra?
    (A)   Join
    (B)   Semi-Join
    (C)   Assignment
    (D)   Project

88   Centralizing the integrity checking directly under the DBMS __________ Duplication and ensures the consistency and validity of the database.
    (A)   Increases
    (B)   Skips
    (C)   Does not reduce
    (D)   Reduces

89   Which of the following is/are the DDL statements?
    (A)   Create
    (B)   Drop
    (C)   Alter
    (D)   All of the above

90   In snapshot, __________ clause tells oracle how long to wait between refreshes.
    (A)   Complete
    (B)   Force
    (C)   Next
    (D)   Refresh

91   ___________ defines rules regarding the values allowed in columns and is the standard mechanism for enforcing database integrity.
    (A)   Column
    (B)   Constraint
    (C)   Index
    (D)   Trigger

92   For like predicate which of the following is true. i) % matches zero of more characters. ii) _ matches exactly one character.
    (A)   i-only
    (B)   ii-only
    (C)   Both of them
    (D)   None of them

93   The number of attributes in relation is called as its ____________.
    (A)   Cardinality
    (B)   Degree
    (C)   Tuples
    (D)   Entity

94   The DBMS utility, ____________ allows to reconstruct the correct state of database from the backup and history of transactions.
    (A)   Backup
    (B)   Recovery
    (C)   Monitoring
    (D)   Data loading

95   In the ________ normal form, a composite attribute is converted to individual attributes.
    (A)   First
    (B)   Second
    (C)   Third
    (D)   Fourth

96   In RDBMS, Data is presented as a collection of ________.
    (A)   Table
    (B)   Attributes
    (C)   Relations
    (D)   Entities

97   A __________ normal form normalization will be needed where all attributes in a relation tuple are not functionally dependent only on the key attribute.
    (A)   First
    (B)   Second
    (C)   Third
    (D)   Fourth

98   To select all columns from the table the syntax is:
    (A)   select all from table_name
    (B)   select * from table_name
    (C)   select from table_name
    (D)   None of the above

99   If an attribute of a composite key is dependent on an attribute of the other composite key, a normalization called _______ is needed.
    (A)   DKNF
    (B)   BCNF
    (C)   Fourth
    (D)   Third

100   Identify the criteria for designing database from the point of view of user
    (A)   No redundancy
    (B)   No inapplicable attributes
    (C)   Uniformity in naming & definitions of the data items
    (D)   All of the above

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