Mechanical Working Drawing (Machine Drawing)



1   In these drawings it is necessary to show cut surfaces and distinguish between adjacent parts:
    (A)   Assembly sections
    (B)   3D assemblies
    (C)   Parts lists
    (D)   Auxiliary drawings
Answer: Option A

2   These drawings are given to workers to perform work or manufacture individual parts:
    (A)   Assembly details
    (B)   3D drawings
    (C)   Working drawings
    (D)   Skeleton assemblies
Answer: Option C

3   A typical set of mechanical working drawings includes
    (A)   Exploded assembly
    (C)   Part details
    (D)   Parts list
    (B)   All of the above
Answer: Option D

4   The typical parts list should include the
    (A)   Part number
    (B)   Manufacturing material
    (C)   Number of parts needed
    (D)   All of the above
Answer: Option D

5   The title block used on working drawings should include the
    (A)   Sheet number
    (B)   Line type
    (C)   Layer set
    (D)   All of the above
Answer: Option A

6   Which drawings first should be created by drafter in order to create an accurate assembly drawing?
    (A)   Detail
    (B)   Title block
    (C)   Parts list
    (D)   Isometric
Answer: Option A

7   When tolerance is given on one side of the basic dimension, it is called as
    (A)   Tolerance system
    (B)   Allowance system
    (C)   Unilateral system
    (D)   Bilateral system
Answer: Option C

8   Limits of 50mm hole is UD=+0.025 and LD=+0.002 mm. The maximum and minimum hole sizes will be:
    (A)   Max. 50.02 mm; Min. 49.998 mm
    (B)   Max. 50.025 mm; Min. 50.002 mm
    (C)   Max. 49.998 mm; Min. 50.002 mm
    (D)   Max. 49.990 mm; Min. 49.975 mm
Answer: Option B

9   British standard limit system consists of
    (A)   21 classes of fits and 16 grades of tolerances
    (B)   12 classes of fits and 61 grades of tolerances
    (C)   16 classes of fits and 21 grades of tolerances
    (D)   61 classes of fits and 12 grades of tolerances
Answer: Option A

10   A dimension is stated as 25 +/-0.02mm in a drawing. What is the tolerance?
    (A)   25.00mm
    (B)   +0.02mm
    (C)   -0.02mm
    (D)   0.04mm
Answer: Option D

11   The difference between the max. and min. sizes allowed in manufactured components is called:
    (A)   Clearance
    (B)   Allowance
    (C)   Tolerance
    (D)   Limit
Answer: Option C

12   A pin is fitted in a hole. The tolerance zone of pin is entirely above of that hole. The fit obtained will be
    (A)   Clearance fit
    (B)   Transition Fit
    (C)   Interference Fit
    (D)   None of the above
Answer: Option C

13   Interchangeability is normally applied for
    (A)   Repairing of parts
    (C)   Mass production
    (D)   Single piece production
    (B)   All the above
Answer: Option B

14   In hole basic system
    (A)   The size of shaft is made constant
    (B)   The size of the hole made constant
    (C)   The permissible tolerances are given on the hole and shaft
    (D)   Allowance is given on the hole
Answer: Option B

15   In this type of section, one quarter of the object is removed:
    (A)   Revolved section
    (B)   Removed section
    (C)   Quarter section
    (D)   Half section
Answer: Option D

16   Which method of development is employed in case of cones?
    (A)   Parallel-line development
    (B)   Approximation method
    (C)   Triangulation development
    (D)   Radial-line development
Answer: Option D

17   Which is in contact with each other as the number of the sides of base of the prism for the Developments of the lateral surface?
    (A)   Squares
    (B)   Rectangles
    (C)   Triangles
    (D)   Parallelograms
Answer: Option B

18   When a solid completely penetrates another solid, there will be two lines of intersection. These lines are called as
    (A)   Lines of intersection
    (B)   Non cyclic curves of lines
    (C)   Hidden lines
    (D)   Inside line
Answer: Option A

19   Which solids have the lines of intersection, straight lines when the two solids intersect?
    (A)   Cube, cylinder
    (B)   Pentagonal prism, cone
    (C)   Triangular pyramid, cone
    (D)   Triangular prism, square Pyramid
Answer: Option D

20   A hole whose lower deviation is zero is called basic hole. Which one of the following letters indicates basic hole?
    (A)   E
    (B)   F
    (C)   G
    (D)   H
Answer: Option D

21   If the dimension of a component is finished within the limits of size, then it will be-
    (A)   Minimum size
    (B)   Basic size
    (C)   Acceptable size
    (D)   Rejected size
Answer: Option C

22   Which drawing gives details of size, tolerance, heat treatment, etc.?
    (A)   Exploded drawing
    (B)   Production drawing
    (C)   Assembly drawing
    (D)   Machine drawing
Answer: Option B

23   The symbol for the position is
Answer: Option A

24   Drawing showing the position of each part with respect to each other is called as
    (A)   Assembly drawing
    (B)   Part drawing
    (C)   Machine drawing
    (D)   Installation drawing
Answer: Option A

25   Which drawing is used to communicate information in industry?
    (A)   Design data
    (B)   Installation drawing
    (C)   Machine drawing
    (D)   Patent drawing
Answer: Option B

26   Detailed drawings of each part of a machine is called as
    (A)   Part drawing
    (B)   Assembly drawing
    (C)   Patent drawing
    (D)   Tabular drawing
Answer: Option A

27   In the BIS system of limits and fits the standard range of sizes ‘covered’ is
    (A)   0 to 500 mm
    (B)   25 to 400 mm
    (C)   0 to 100 mm
    (D)   0 to 10 mm
Answer: Option A

28   The symbol for the Packing and Insulating material
Answer: Option A

29   Engineering drawing contains
    (A)   Information
    (B)   Shape and sizes
    (C)   Manufacturing method
    (D)   All of the above
Answer: Option D

30   Drafting machine or mini drafter combines the function of
    (A)   T-Square
    (B)   Set-Square
    (C)   Protector
    (D)   All of the above
Answer: Option D

31   Which view gives each component of an assembly and are arranged in the same sequence in which they are assembled in exploded drawing?
    (A)   Clear view
    (B)   Sectional view
    (C)   Pictorial view
    (D)   Front view
Answer: Option C

32   The meeting point of triangular faces in case of pyramid is called
    (A)   Vertex
    (B)   Apex
    (C)   Centre
    (D)   (A) or (B)
Answer: Option D

33   The tolerance of a hole is the difference between the
    (A)   Maximum hole size and maximum shaft size
    (C)   Maximum hole size and minimum hole size
    (D)   Maximum hole size and minimum shaft size
    (B)   Maximum hole size and basic size
Answer: Option B

34   What is concerned with the position of a surface or axis at a specified angle to a datum plane or axis?
    (A)   Position
    (B)   Profile of a line
    (C)   Angularity
    (D)   Perpendicularity
Answer: Option C

35   The symbol for the convex double v butt weld
Answer: Option B

36   Which controls circularity, straightness, angularity and cylindricity or a part when applied to surfaces rotated around a datum or axis?
    (A)   Flatness
    (B)   Straightness
    (C)   Run out
    (D)   Feature
Answer: Option C

37   The symbol for the concave fillet weld
Answer: Option C

38   The symbol for the roughness grade number for N10
Answer: Option A

39   The symbol for weld type fillet is
Answer: Option B

40   The symbol for weld type double-V butt is